Nigerian Service Chiefs Oppose Osinbajo Take-over As Buhari Seeks Transplant – Sources


  • DETAILS: Buhari Slumped Several Times In Aso Rock Before Being Rushed Out Of Nigeria


While officials of the Nigerian government are shrouding the true state of health of Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari in sworn secrecy, more information is being gathered from intelligence sources on the true state of Buhari’s health.

NewsRescue investigations into president Muhammadu Buhari’s medical reports reveal that the president has slumped several times in Aso rock and fainted and lost consciousness also in the United Kingdom before he was secretly ferried to Saudi Arabia for unconventional, alternative therapy not offered in the ‘developed’ world.

In a letter to the Senate, the president requested indefinite leave to take care of his health. The Senate will confer on the matter on the 21st of February.

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The president according to multiple credible sources has had serious and debilitating mental and memory loss problems relating to his primary chronic diagnosis which sources say includes prostate cancer and liver disease now at a stage warranting need of a transplant.

A source said the president is suffering from metastasis with liver damage causing encephalopathy, but we have been unable to confirm. The source added that the president’s kidneys are affected and he is to receive a kidney transplant. While due to the president’s age and policy, the UK would not be able to avail him of the risky options, our sources said president Buhari sought the medical aid and transplant parts from the Saudi Kingdom.

Importantly, NewsRescue can categorically state that Nigerians are being lied to. President Buhari is in no shape to ever return to functionally lead Nigeria and if he does return, he will only be propped to appear cognizant and in command of his senses. The president may also likely be wheel chair confined except by a miracle of God. The cabal have taken over the reigns and are securing themselves.

Jonathan and late Yar'Adua
Jonathan and late Yar’Adua

Unlike the similar episode when former Nigerian president Umaru Yar’Adua was sick and Goodluck Jonathan took over and the Service chiefs favoured Jonathan, one of the serious problems Nigeria faces is that the service chiefs this time around are quite polarized and fanatically oppose a transition of power to Professor Yemi Osinbajo. This is one of the complications that is causing disquiet in the halls of power, an impeccable source expressed.

It was observed that the Vice president shocked listeners on a Channels TV interview when he said the president was “hale and hearty.” This in spite of the president seeking indefinite medical leave. Sources commented that the pressure against Osinbajo is almost as good as a gun put by his head and this is behind his witless demeanour. “He has to be very very careful,” our source said.

Update: Buhari Letter To Senate Requesting Indefinite Leave For Treatment Cycle

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