Diasporan: We Contribute $33 Billion To Nigeria’s Economy Unlike Your Worthless Rulers Who You Fight and Die For… Something Is Coming! [VIDEO]


The below was a long talk by Mr Badero, a Nigerian living in the Diaspora. It was delivered in Yoruba in reaction to president Muhamamdu Buhari’s recent “unconstitutional” deployment of troops to the south east in place of the police which predictably provoked another bloody massacre.

Mr Badero speaks:

This is a short broadcast in Yoruba.

Since day before yesterday I have been lamenting on what is happening in the East. What we do not understand is that power is used to oppress and the government knows this. The main thing they do with their power is to create fear among us.

Now when something happens to your neighbor and you justify it since it is not happening directly to you. Instead of admonishing that oppressor.

If you think Biafra will destroy Nigeria, it is not so, dear Yoruba brethren. What will actually destroy Nigeria is hypocrisy and looking for the praise in the eyes of men.

Now this hypocrisy is what makes us see evil and claim it is good because it is not happening to us. I see the elders and youth who I believe have gone to school and I expect you to reason beyond how those old ones think. Those old ones cause the problems and we youth will fight the wars for them.

When they want to discuss how they will create problems, you and I will not be there. But when they have finished causing the problems then they will call you and I to fight the fight.

You are fighting each other on FaceBook because of Biafra. But us Yoruba in our land are no different from rats, and we all know. Those who are working are as though they have no job. Those who go to school have no benefit from it and no employment. Now that is enough to protest and scatter the world but you are rather behaving like you want to belong, to make comments on FaceBook. But the same thing that is crippling you is the reason why some came out and demanded their right of self determination through the liberation of Biafra.

You jobless Yorubas, you who have no school to go to. Lautech remains under lock. All of you are there, no one can talk. Because if you want to talk it will be converted into PDP versus APC matter.

Now, some are suffering from the same things as you and they demanded to be cut out of Nigeria. Now you suffering the same thing, with no solution in sight now joined the bandwagon and make posts claiming that it is because “Nnamdi Kanu abused us…” that because of that only bastard Yoruba’s will support his quest for Biafra. Who is following Biafra? Will I become Igbo if it secedes? That means they have liberated themselves and their lives are in their own hands. But your life that you think is in your hands because you think that you are Yoruba and you belong to Nigeria. But that Nigeria, has it worked for you? You demanded restructuring, they said they will not do so.

You are there preaching “one Nigeria,” because you do not know what it means. Because they are telling you that the pro-Biafrans want to split-up Nigeria, now you turn yourselves into so-called “important” people on FaceBook. You have the gumption to judge Nnamdi Kanu. Nnandi Kanu stood up and fights over the things affecting his people. You with your brain, the things affecting your people, you cannot speak. You cannot speak and mobilise your people. All of a sudden, it is Biafra matter that is worrying you.

It is what Nnamadi Kanu is saying that is hurting you. But the things that are burning you under your clothes; the things paining you and killing you, you do not have the guts to demand for them and change them. But you come on FaceBook and all of you are giving sermons, all of you act like people who have lost their senses. People who have lost their humanity. People who do not have hearts anymore. Whether they kill people, whether they burn them or beat them or cut their heads, all of you do not care. You are gone insane on social media trying to prove yourself to who?

After the Nigerian army crushes Biafra or whatever is happening in the south east and the rest of us remain in Nigeria, I bet you will be happy. They are talking about what is destroying you that you complain about all the time, but you are using your hypocrisy to cover it. You are all pretending like you are good people with proper thinking faculties. But most of your heads are not correct. Using hypocrisy to cover it. You all come on FaceBook and begin to “serminize” and “analyse,” like your heads are correct.

The issues of your lives which are the main issues….your country is 57 years old, 57 years and you cannot boast of 5 hours power a day across the country and then you are sermonizing and supporting the suppression of the brave people with guts who demand their rights as citizens of Nigeria. But you Oponus. Then you are further asking that what of their senators and this and that. Well what of your senators? What of your reps? What have you done with them? Have you even made a move to ask why there is no power and yet your reps are collecting fat salaries. But you have the tenacity to be questioning those fighting for their rights on whether they are fighting rightly or wrongly.

Which have you fought for in your lives? What is affecting them is affecting you. The job they do not have is the job you do not have. But you are here defending nonsense. What we should focus on is not what we are paying attention to. You now turn yourselves into the enemy. I am blocking everyone of you. Don’t misunderstand me. If you are in my environment and I cannot feel your pulse, there is no reason for you to be around me. What are you doing here? What joins us together? Enh!

I am not here to make friends. I am here to discover people who will help my life grow and people who I will also be able to help grow. I am not here for you to like me. I don’t need your like or love or anything. I just need you if your brain works. Not all of you that racism has eaten into your souls. And you do not even know what you are fighting for and this turns you into useless shadow boxers, punching the air. Me, I am not anyone’s friend and not anyone’s enemy. All I say is that if you cannot use your brain, there is no point us pretending being friends on FaceBook. Is there any play a dog can play with a lion? This is why I am saying this in Yoruba.

Those of you who will say Badero has become a Biafran. No. You are just blind. This is not about Biafra. It is about the leadership failure in Nigeria. That you Oponus cannot understand. That you snot swallowers, that your stomach controls cannot understand. But there is no problem. In the past you used to do it, that when you perform your madness, everything will resolve. But let me be honest with you. What is coming. What is coming, you will not be able to imagine it. And we have said it that everything in Nigeria will turn around. Everything in Nigeria will shift space.

It does not matter whether you believe or do not believe. It does not matter if you say, “who are they?” But let me tell you. I am one of those running Nigeria’s economy. And you know why? I live abroad. Do you understand now? Last year alone, $33 billion is what people in the Diaspora like me and those struggling in America and Canada and all over the world sent home and added to Nigeria’s economy in 2016. The Nigerian government you fight for do not contribute a penny to Nigeria. They just take. Where they get the oil form in Nigeria, go there and tell me if that is how that area, (the Niger Delta) should look.

Now, so when you say that I abroad who is struggling because that same frustration that you are facing chased me from Nigeria. So the reason some of your heads are not correct and you will say that we should come back home. Are you not there? So why do you not have power? Why do you not have good roads? Why do you all not have jobs and are you not able to switch jobs? Are you not there in that Nigeria/ So if it is good….you know if they put a ship that can take 5000 people at the harbor in lagos to fill up with whoever wishes to go to America, do you know how many of you will kill yourselves to get in?

So it is hypocrisy destroying Nigeria. It is not Biafra, it is hypocrisy. It is the same thing affecting Biafra that is affecting Oduduwa and affecting Arewa, but lies and hypocrisy and looking good in the eyes of the people is what is killing Nigeria. And until you tell yourself this truth and call yourself to order and listen to the sense of reason; those you wish to defend Nigeria for. I love my country. I am a proud Nigerian. I have not claimed any other country because I love my country a lot. And I realize that what you suffer in Nigeria and what I face here as a foreigner. I realize that if I could get these benefits here even though I am a foreigner then how much better should it be for me if I could get the same quality life in my own Nigeria if it was as good as this. This is why we talk all the time. But you Oponus who have never worked before in your lives. Who beg and beg and beg…who always say, “bros, bros, bros, how far?” up and down. You will now come on social media and say that those of us abroad will “just be talking rubbish.” The only reason why it sounds like rubbish to you is because you lack intelligence. If your heads were correct, will you sit in a country and hear how much the country earns but in your pocket you do not have a dime. You do not have work; you do not have power; no schools. No hospitals.

And those who should give you all these amenities are the ones building houses and hotels all over. Building best hospitals and private universities. Then you will be disrespecting us abroad, saying we are talking nonsense. Your country plans to borrow $30 billion. They will be paying the debt for another 25 years. We invest more than that in Nigeria every year. So if you don’t know, now you know: we own Nigeria. We have a stake in Nigeria and it does not matter how you feel…whether you are Hausa or Igbo or Yoruba. The truth of the matter is that something is coming and it will change the course of history and it is about to happen. It does not matter how you feel about it. It will happen and we will both live in that Nigeria.

So I will continue the talk with you when day breaks…when people will celebrate that after our preaching…the crazy python dance they said was dancing in the east…they will fasten rope on those python’s tales and drag them back into the zoo they came from. Military has no place in a democracy. If you are not educated enough, now I have told you. In a democracy, military has no place! They are the last resort, and the poor education they are giving you at home is to blame for the ignorance.

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