Docility, timidity of Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan make him liable for bombings

May 3rd, 2012

NVS Even if Goodluck Egbere Jonathan did not personally plant the bomb, or mandate anyone to carry out the attacks, his docility, timidity and ediotic foot-in-the-mouth responses in the face of the ever-growing brutal attacks by sadomasochists within the polity make him liable for such charges.

The figurehead of a president has so far had a woeful record as commander-in-chief, and not only is he failing at protecting the Nigeria he swore an oath to protect and defend, but he also has not been able to convey the appropriate emotions to suit these grave moments in the life of a country facing the trauma associated with these bloody attacks.

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Egbere Jonathan is perhaps the most incompetent leader to ever govern Nigeria. I gnash my teeth and mourn the day I switched my support for his candidacy and his initial presidency. He brings shame to Nigeria. God, if this is the best I have for a southern president with a graduate degree, give me a goddamn mullah with brains and guts and intelligence!!! Anybody but this bumbling, bowler-hat wearing mumu who can’t govern or communicate.

In the midst of the pain and anguish of Nigerians, he said he is no lion. When Nigerians were brutalized in the midst of yuletide festivities, he was no where to be seen for 24 hours. Instead he sent his jibby-jabbering chief communications adviser to release a statement about the major attack. And then he shows up where survivors were dealing with the pains of their injuries with his accompanying wife dressed to kill, looking like an argungun masquerade.

“GEJ planted the bombs in Abuja” – analysts

In an attack that left almost 200(?) Nigerians dead in Kano, he arrives the scene looking like a houseboy, and said to local and international journalists present that ‘ehn, it is unfortunate but we will defeat the killers but for now we just have to live with it – or something to that effect. May Nigerians never have to live with Jonathan’s ediotic statement, much less live with the brutality of bloodthirsty murderers who want people to believe that Islam, not politics, is their sole motivator.

Egbere Jonathan does not have to carry the bomb and install it where it will kill Nigerians, or assign somebody to plant bombs to kill Nigerians; all he has to do is to be irresponsible as he has been as president and commander-in-chief. All he has to be is to remain the ‘ode’ that he is. All he has to do is to go to Sokoto to wring his hand standing next to ‘Daddy Sultan’, as the latter instructs that we have to tow the line set forth by the founder of the Caliphate.

There is not a shred of leadership in this guy’s personage. Yet, he has had enough experience in leadership positions, from being deputy governor, to governor and vice president, to president. Again and again, he operates from a position of weakness. Even when with international journalists, he oozes the disgusting pus of weakness. I won’t ever forget watching him speak before CNN’s Isha Sashay during Nigeria’s 50th anniversary; he couldn’t answer simple questions. The same trend shows wherever else you see him.

Weak, weak, weak, this man is. He is NOT fit to be president. Unintelligent. He should have simply have remained as lecturer in Otuoke, selling handouts on fishery to students. Or rowing a canoe back and forth to make a living. He disgusts me! He disappoints me! Even Patience Jonathan shows more balls and guts and decisiveness than he does. Is this the same person that they say is ‘marking register’ with Dezeani, whether true or false? If true, good for them. I don’t know what anyone should want with an ‘ode’. Maybe Boko Haram should take him away and spare the rest of Nigeria the attacks. The bowler-hat wearing fool that he is. Nonsense.