Dokubo- Your South Terror Kills More than Boko: Fight That and Zip it About North

Dokubo- Fight Kidnapping, Fight High Sea Piracy, Before You Talk To North

August 9th, 2012

by Hamza Suleiman

NewsRescue– We recently read Mujahid Dokubo Asari throwing up some rants about him being ready to fight North Nigeria because of Boko terror, and his plan to cut the North off from what? Food or water? I do not really know, because honestly, I do not waste valuable time reading in detail from either MEND or Boko, I do not study terrorists speeches. And I am sure no other serious person does.

But because sadly the Nigerian media gives audience to these people, I will address him based on what the more intellectual of us, who will not have read his rants, but caught the caption, saw.

Dokubo, you say you will fight North Nigeria because of Boko Haram terror. Can you imagine how foolish you sound? Is North Nigeria Boko Haram?

Just the last 30 days, Boko made attempts on the lives of many Northern leaders and Emirs. So now you want to come and join Boko to finish the North?

Is it because your terrorizing hands are itching to do more terror, that you are threatening to join forces with Boko Haram and kill innocent Muslims and Christians in North Nigeria?

Do you know that Boko Haram has killed directly and indirectly more Muslims in North Nigeria than Christians?

Do you know that there are so many parts of North Nigeria that have more Christians than Muslims? Maybe you should fight your geography teacher if you ever went to school, before you talk about fighting North Nigeria because of the terror that Boko Haram is plaguing it with. The tolerance and diversity in North Nigeria, that Kaduna has a democratically elected Christian governor?

There are many things wrong with Nigeria, and Boko Haram is simply one of them.

It was noticed earlier that in your ignorance you said that the south with the Middle Belt will fight the North. Perhaps you should also rather quarrel with whoever taught you Nigerian history, because the Middle Belt is people like Ibrahim Babangida, Abdul Salam, etc, are they the ones that will fight the North? This article was already written for you. Read it…if you can read: Nigeria: The Illusion of a North Dominated Rule

Your MEND terror caused so much harm and loss to life that Nigeria has not yet recovered. Every pipeline you blew up, every time you disrupted our oil sales, you crippled our oil output and reduced production to less than 30%. This is called economic warfare and kills in sucking out sustenance, infrastructure, healthcare development and life’s of Nigerians in thousands.

The number you killed directly and indirectly, innocent Nigerians, the poorest in all quarters, and even people all over the world, due to the global higher price of oil that your reign of terror caused, is more than Boko Haram can ever kill. You think we did not know what you did, and why Yaradua had to placate you? Go read about economic warfare or have someone read it to you. Everyone knows the impact to life of your reign of terror.

MEND/Niger Delta South Nigeria terrorists, now operating a High Sea Piracy terror cartel

Do you think we have forgotten what you are? A mere “terrorist”? I do not believe terrorists can retire, and by your constant war-drum statements, always threatening Nigerians, last we remember you threatened us when he removed the oil subsidy on us, Jona’s bulldog, you are still actively in duty.

Dokubo, we have so many of your secrets. We know what you are and what you are not. You can not fool us that you are a freedom fighter. You do not know what freedom and peace mean. In fact, though you became Muslim, you are yet to learn the tenets of the religion, that it means peace, equality and justice, not aggression, lies and corruption. You are simply a Boko type of “Muslim”, reading from the same twisted books they read in the same twisted way.

I put you and Boko Haram in the same boat. Mere menaces. You both believe that every problem is solved by spilling the blood of innocent people. Like CAN president who solicits Christians killing innocent Muslims due to the terror of Boko Haram, talk like yours and his that led to “Christians” killing over 200 innocent Muslim passerbys in Kaduna, because Boko terrorists struck a Church. Their blood on all your hands.

Like if in the US, KKK, or White supremacists kill, as happened in the Sikh temple shooting, for US citizens and Indians to kill any White man in revenge for KKK.

Or the Christian LRA Joseph Kony runs in Uganda. For all Uganda, DRC and Rwanda’s non Christians to fight Christians in the area because of the ills of this deadly so-called Christian fanatic terrorist organization. But you can not understand these things, your brain only understands ‘go’. You are what Boko love, the people they will get to do their dirty work and bring about their ulterior plan to get us fighting each other for them. Cheaper bombs they say. See: NewsRescue Boko Haram Finds New Improvised Explosive; Obama Remains Conspicuously Mum

And if you do want to fight, why don’t you fight the more serious and deadly problems Nigeria has right there in the south.

Do you think we do not know that the deaths from armed robbery by your southern militants and armed gangs kills more innocent Nigerians every week than Boko Haram does every month? Do you still let Helen Ukpabio walk free and even still preach and lead a Church, after she stands accused of heading the massacre of thousands of our innocent children she labels as witches!

Mujahid, do you think we do not know that the terror from kidnapping by your militant southerner friends makes life in the south unbearable?

Mujahid, do you think we are not frustrated that your armed friends are now operating on the high sea, destroying not just Nigeria, but the world, and that as the media reports, your MEND militants are now responsible for one tenth of all global high sea piracy?

See: NewsRescue- Alarming Rise in Nigerian-based Piracy: Expanding Range and Activity

Do you think we do not know that people in your backyard have illegal pipelines and tankers and steal over 30% of Nigeria’s oil and sell in the black market? Thus destroying Nigerian livelihood and polluting the land in out beautiful south?

Dear Dokubo Asari, why do you not take those your trigger eager fingers and your rotten speech and channel it to fight these greater issues in the South and leave us to fight Boko Haram as we have been doing and getting killed while doing so in the North? If you are not going to help us fight Boko Haram terror, then please be quiet. You do not care about the Christians and Muslims in the North, because you have not shown any identity or religious affiliation, other than being a terrorist and a bulldog of President Jonathan. You do not deserve the “Jihad” in your chosen MuJihad name, ’cause you do not nearly understand the drill and greater moral requisite of the Greater Jihad.

A northern president waged the harshest war yet against Boko Haram, President Yaradua from that North you so hate, dealt a massive blow to Boko Haram terror organisation, a blow your brother, Goodluck can not deal, as he continues to protect his friends, and as such he being guilty by association or even directly as a sponsor of Boko. It was that same Northern leader, his blessed memory, Yaradua that created the billion dollar amnesty program for your terrorist friends, and made you not a globally wanted terrorist, but able to speak and walk freely.

Why do you not take your fight to your Bayelsa brother, who refuses to fight Boko intelligently and reveal its sponsors?

Fight, fight, fight, kill, kill, everything, kill. Where do you think you are? In a jungle?