Don’t Just Wish for CHANGE: Arise for Change

by Abba Ali Abatcha Gumnari

Part (i)

It drives me up the hill observing how some fellow youth are messing up their precious lives in the name of politics and because of cheap political gains. Today, the elites regards the young generation as a dime a dozen who grab a bite to eat just like a couch potato. In recent times, politicians had for the worst part used the youth for an improper purposes in achieving their aims without even the youth acknowledging this fact. Sadly to say, youth are now lacking the youthful exuberances to portray in standing in defence of their right sense.

The weaknesses of (some) youth at present, has transpired simply because of the ineptitude of our government (Borno) in tackling the challenges that stopped the youth from being innovative, rather, destructive- in all affairs, per say; and thereby praising and chanting to all the actions and inactions of the government in the state, contrary to the norms and concurrences of opinion to commend the performances of government where necessary and denounce its fiascos when due, as a civic duty. Thereon, the level of deficiency has risen to the extent that those youth can’t even distinguish between “politics” and “governance” as they are of the view that all the time is for politicking and praise singing, creating a fancier and political motivated group aimed at defrauding and robbing the general public of their senses  about some dubious projects and demonizing the most concerned citizens who constructively criticize the government as a civic responsibility.

Indeed, with criticism comes accountability, and the government there take that head on (if they’re serious enough). Government or any administration must be prepared to swallow criticism- excrete the destructive and study the constructive. Youth are supposed to channel their energies in holding their government accountable whenever it was due to, which will keep the leaders on their toes and aiming straight making a very wise decisions in  developing the state from its current dilapidated system of governance, which will, also, guide the government from bad practices towards good ones. Only if we take that bold step, would salvage us from the demonic decision being taken in our state by the self acclaimed and self imposed leaders.

It’s a duty on us all to tell the truth to ourselves. As youth, we must deeply comprehend what is government and its responsibilities….

Today, we are facing insurmountable problems and this transpired because of lack of goodwill and intense interest determination among politicians, their self-centered loyalist and praise singers who put personal interest above the interest of the society. Many of the politician complained that the reasons why they are unable to do community projects is because members of their constituencies precisely, the youth put personal interest above communal interest. Elected and appointed public officers are afraid to face the people of their constituency because, they always come up with personal problems. We must understand that it is hard for a politician or a leader who gives money for wedding, naming ceremonies, and other personal matters, to also address the important needs of the society. Thereto, we must put the interest of the society above our individual and selfish interest and politicians and other appointed government officials must desist from satisfying the personal needs of the people above that of the society.

Youth must cease from supporting bad governance just because of some penny or incentives as bad governance result to huge loss in managing our society. And not only that, it also affect the human resources, the human ingenuity and the personality of the citizens. Bad governance and corruption deter investment, waste of resources and increase insecurity. The poor suffers from the repercussion of bad governance and corruption.

To be continued in the next part….

I may be wrong, but I doubt if I’m.

Abba Ali Abatcha Gumnari
Sikkim Manipal University
Greater Accra, Ghana