Double Ultimatum for Morsi: Military Promises “Coup” if Problems Unresolved in 48 Hours

July 1, 2013

NewsRescue– The Egyptian Military has promised a definitive “road map” if the president of Egypt and the millions in opposition, do not resolve their differences in 48 hours. This ultimatum follows a day’s ultimatum given by the opposition for president Morsi to resign.

In display of the seriousness of the army, their forces today arrested 14 body guards of the head the the Muslim brotherhood organization to which president Morsi belongs. 20 million Egyptians signed a petition for Morsi to resign.

Morsi is the second Middle East leader who supported violence and terror against Bashar Al Assad of Syria and shortly after, got embattled himself. The leader of Turkey, Prime minister Tayip Erdogan, known for his outspoken stance against Syria, has been silent for weeks now, since a surprising revolt in his country that challenged his office.

It is left to see whether the indignant Egyptian president who presided over a meeting recently in which he called on all Egyptians to donate their money, blood and spirituality to go fight against Syria, and against the worlds “Shia” Muslims, will resign, be resigned or stay in power.

“These are the biggest protests in Egypt since 28 January 2011 and the spirit is the same,” April 6 founder Ahmed Maher tells Ahram Online.

“The big difference between now and then is that when we first went out in January 2011 we did not start by calling for the toppling of the president but now we have a clear demand: we want the president to leave.”