DSS Moves To Arrest Adamawa School Headmasters Protesting Salary Nonpayment


DSS today in Adamawa especially Yola North and Yola south entered primary schools to arrest Head masters who are the members of National union of teachers association that protested last weak over the non payment of their salaries.

NewsRescue reporters today met with students of Fattude Girei primary school who were going home early in the school day. When we asked them why they were going back home, they told our reporters that security agents came to arrest their teachers.

Upon entering the school we found teachers shouting that their Heads master will not go any any where as they stood to defend them. The SSS was forced to go without arresting the Head master of the school.

We learned that the bailout given to State was only used to settle State government workers leaving the local Government workers owed salaries and grants unpaid.

PremiumTimes reported last Monday that Primary school teachers in Adamawa State led by Edwin Omoraka on Monday staged a protest over delay in the payment of their salaries, non-payment of leave grant and non-implementation of their new salary structure. The teachers had taken to the streets with placards, reading “Please give us our TSS and our bailout”; “We are tired of delay in payment of salaries”; “No leave grant for 3 years”; “No yearly increment for 18 years,” among many others.