El-Rufai: Epitome of ‘Focuslessness,’ By Abdulmumin Giwa

By Abdulmumin Giwa,

The too many crises founded by Governor Nasir El-rufai of Kaduna state have only successfully revealed his level of lack of focus and sense of direction in governance and has displayed his emptiness of intellect and exposed his extreme egocentrism.
What would one expect of a “Mr I know it all” apart from what everyone is practically seeing today? Sorrow, tears, blood, hate, anger and enmity are all he is successful in founding as a Governor.

He took on to himself an outrageous war against the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) and went to the extent of banning the Movement in the most mischievous manner claiming that the peaceful IMN is an insurgent group without any evidence at all but lie and lies and lies and hearsay.
He produced his own whitepaper and backdated and read it after a Federal High Court in Abuja had to his dismay judged in favor of the IMN he is at war with. Everything he said in his whitepaper contradicted the findings and recommendations of Judicial Commission of Inquiry (JCI) he had earlier set up to inquire into the Zaria pogrom of December 2015.

On the contrary he embraces Izala/Wahabism of which Boko Haram is an offshoot andis in a warm romance with newly found faith. He now stands firmly with those who have records of fighting Christians in the name of Jihad as his brothers and well-wishers and is supporting the killing of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky who had always provided shelter for Christians whenever they are under attack by the so-called Wahhabi elements. The issue of religious crises in Kaduna in particular is clear about the Wahhabi activities in the country.

He so arrogantly stands against the law whenever he has a personal whim or caprice to satisfy. Imaging how he violated the Geneva Convention and even God’s own laws by joining hands with what could best be described as the terror-laden Nigerian Army to mass bury almost one thousand Shiites in the middle of the night after a killing spree in Zaria in December 2015.

None of those buried was fully certified dead nor were his/her relations informed of his/her death nor also were burial rights observed for them but yet El-Rufai is insisting that he did the right thing. Most of those buried were not necessarily dead but only sustained wounds from gunshots meaning that they were buried alive.

It is based on this behavior of violating the law that he has a record of passing a bill into law within 30 minutes. The bill was claimed to have gone through first and second reading and passed into law all within 30 minutes. That even tells the type of people in the assembly who simply rubber-stamp his wishes unchallenged. Who would be surprised when IMN is declared as an unlawful society and they stamp it.

He is so short-sighted in his actions that he does not wait to put one and one together before making public his statements. For instance, with regards to the demolition of IMN properties in Zaria during the pogrom, he claimed that he demolished the IMN property that included the Hussainiyya Baqiyyatullah, Darur Rahma and the residence of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzakky because of environmental hazards they might pose to the public judging by how the Army bombed burned the properties and people alive in them. Before making his statement public he forgot that he had demolished the house housing the tomb of Sheikh Zakzkay’s mother and the Fudiyya Islamic Center that were never attacked by the Army.

He instituted a case of culpable homicide against about 200 IMN members claiming that they killed one soldier during the pogrom in Zaria leaving the government lawyers not knowing how to go about the case as there are no evidences, no proves and nothing to tell apart from inconsistencies in the suit.
He feels so smart but yet is not the least smart but myopic and unintelligent. Just of recent he unwisely organized a state Security Council meeting at Kafanchan Local Government in Kaduna state instead of the Government House at Kaduna metropolis. The venue for the Council meeting was very volatile due to killings following attacks by said Fulanis in Southern Kaduna. In fact a 24-hour curfew was imposed in the region but he arrogantly went there to hold his meeting and was disgraced by naked women and pelted on. He then shamelessly accused the women of insanity.

As if the people of Southern Kaduna are not a part of the state he went on air appealing to the public not to engage in any form of reprisal on what was done to him at Kafanchan as though he was inciting the public into reprisal attacks, because nobody was thinking in that direction except him and probably his Wahhabi brothers that have always been at logger heads with Christians.

He claimed that the attackers and killers in Southern Kaduna were foreigners and that his government had traced them to neighboring countries and has even paid them not to attack Southern Kaduna again. Imagine how insane this is. He later came out again to tell the public that the attackers are from Niger Deltans disguised as Fulanis which prompted the question about who he paid money to in Cameroun earlier on.

His stubbornness even has him in a battle with the three Senators from the state, a section of his political party APC, the Shi’ites, the Tariqa followers who feel threatened by his ways, people of Southern Kaduna, now Niger Deltans some property owners in the state and a host of others. I wonder how it feels being at logger heads with everybody simply because you feel you know it all. This is an act of extreme arrogance.
Definitely it is only an intellectually sick and self-celebrated elite or as he called himself “an accidental civil servant” who his masters describe as “a pathological liar” that can be so reckless in his activities as to be at logger heads with everybody in his state except his unreliable Wahhabi brothers that would discard him when next they get a better pay somewhere.

It is with this same ‘focuslessness’ that he is eying to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari as President even as Nigeria is moving from bad to worse on a daily basis. Hmmm nawa wooo, what an epitome of ‘focuslessness’.