@Elbinawi Tweets Advice to Pro-#Biafran Activists, Face ‘Evil Tyrant Buhari’ Not Islam



Spreading hate against Islam, Hausas/Fulanis & been slaves of the bloodthirsty Israeli savages will not make the Igbos realize #Biafra.

It was not Islam or Hausas/Fulanis that murdered 200+ peaceful Igbo youths. It was the evil tyrant @MBuhari who also murdered 1000+ Shias

Most Muslims strongly condemned the inhuman massacre of 200+ Igbo activists by President @MBuhari and his notorious criminal @Buratai_COAS

I believe every Nigerian community has the right to aspire to leave #Nigeria. Having an evil & wicked tyrant like @MBuhari makes it easier.

To pro-#Biafran activists stop your hate campaigns against Islam & the Hausa/Fulani tribe. You lose valuable sympathy with such hate mongering.

It is only in #Africa that you see Christians worshipping murderous Zionist #Jews who hate Jesus (as) & considered him a “bastard”.

In occupied #Palestine it is not only Muslims that are oppressed by bloodthirsty Israeli savages. Palestinian Christians are also oppressed.

Igbos who blindly worship bloodthirsty Israeli savages should learn from the South Sudan experience. Israelis deceived them and today…..

I still believe that a United Nigeria is better than divided Nigeria. I believe in United Black Africa but we need good leaders not a killer like Buhari

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