Election Riggers Not Working for Jesus Christ, by Obinna Akukwe

by Obinna Akukwe
Nigerians rejected the demonic operation of rigging, electoral fraud and violence which had inundated our political space  since independence by their conduct in last Saturday’s election. This piece below titled “Change and Transformation: Election Riggers Not Working for Jesus Christ”Published on the eve of Nigeria’s Presidential  election is my final prophetic warning to a nation bent on electoral self destruct. Happily, God saved us from ourselves and gave Nigeria the second chance to get it right. We must continue to reject election rigging as was done last Saturday,and be ready to accept defeat if our candidates lose for the sake of Nigeria..God disappointed election riggers in Nigeria and heard the prayers and sufferings of the masses.


Those who are planning to rig tomorrows presidential election and subsequent ones  in Nigeria, whether agents of Change  or Transformation, whether PDP or APC should note that it is a sin against  Jesus Christ , and my fellow Christians among the lot should not work for the devil. Muslim clerics should educate their members already enlisted in the rigging of elections  to desist from such as I do not think that the Quran allows such.
Electoral rigging is electoral fraud. Electoral fraud is electoral robbery, theft, corruption. It is stealing in the highest order. It is stealing of the people’s votes and giving it to another person. It is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Rigging brought down the first republic under Tafawa Balewa. It brought down the second republic under Shehu Shagari. It is about to bring down the fourth Republic under Goodluck Jonathan if the players are not mindful of their patriotic and religious obligation to their God and faith. The Bible which I subscribe to does not accept electoral robbery. The commandment said in Exodus 20 vs 15 “thou shall not steal” and followed by “ thou shall not covet your neighbor’s house,  wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to him …(including votes) ”. Therefore, any Christian who follows people of other faith to rig election for anybody is a thief and covetous and all thieves will end in hell fire. This is the word of God.
I have told my numerous friends, flocks and followers who belong to the ruling party that it is their attempt to rig the 2011 elections in order to give Jonathan twenty five  percent votes cast  in as much northern states as possible that triggered the post-election violence of 2011 where over 1000 lives were lost. Those who rigged the elections’ in the North for Jonathan in 2011 are mostly indigenous traditional and religious leaders who collected money from the incumbent and tried to steal Buhari’s votes. The same Bible also said thou shalt not kill, therefore, those political thugs who abandoned the traditional and religious leaders that rigged the elections and descended on hapless Christians , Southerners and Youth Corpers are also guilty of murder in the form of misplaced aggression. They should desist from any such acts forthwith.

I alluded in my latest piece titled ‘INEC Card Reader; Antagonists not working for Jesus Christ’, that  “Jesus Christ was obstructed on his way by a top government official by name Zaccheaus who have stolen lots of money from tax payers and converted such to private use. Jesus went to the house of Zacchaeus and in the course of conversation this man promised to return all that he defrauded, even four time” I opined in the said write-up that “Jesus forced Zacheaus in Luke 19 vs 8 to return his loot back and the later said to Jesus, “Behold, Lord, half of my possessions I will give to the poor, and if I have defrauded anyone of anything, I will give back four times as much.”  I ended up by saying that ” Jega led INEC is returning back the people’s mandate stolen through years of successive rigging, especially from the Shagari to the Obasanjo era back to the people through the use of card reader and everybody should support him..” Therefore, in whichever way any believer has been contracted alongside those of other faith to rig election for any candidate, such a Christian  should desist forthwith, repent, ask for forgiveness and sin no more.
The manner of rigging I have been reliably informed  will be used in this Presidential and Governorship elections of March 28th include
(1)    Unconstitutional arrest of opponents using the armed forces

(2)    Illegal detention of opponents on the eve of the elections

(3)    Keeping some opponents under house arrest till elections are over

(4)    Jamming and interference of network of card reader to render it unusable

(5)    Filling of fake result sheets after scaring away party agents of the opponents

(6)    Intimidation of electoral officers to ensure that they fill out the wrong result sheets

(7)    Intimidation of voters to ensure that they do not come out to vote

(8)    Late arrival of voting materials

(9)    Use of political thugs to harass stubborn voters

(10)  Declaration of false results in order to cause mayhem

(11)  Allowing underage children to vote
Those involved in those acts should note that it is easy to trigger a crisis but difficult to control it. Those who triggered the Syrian Crisis never knew that it would result to ISIS. Those who allowed Boko Haram to fester never knew that it would destroy an entire region, with women and children being raped and slaughtered.. The winners should be magnanimous in victory while the losers should accept defeat. I alluded to that in an earlier write-up titled ‘Buhari, Jonathan and Boko Haram part 2’ where I stated that “It is not a sign of weakness if President Goodluck initiates serious dialogue, consultations and fence mending with Buhari with the intention of blocking all sociopolitical loopholes and vacuums enemies of democracy could use…”. These two leaders can stilll dialogue and move Nigeria forward.
I have got reports of how rigging is going to take place tomorrow from various sources and Christians and Muslims are involved in such despicable exercise.  Rigging of election hoists unwanted leaders on the people. While other nations are developing at jet speed, we are still celebrating the GSM revolution of fifteen years ago. Roads, hospitals, schools, water supply, electricity, housing and all the other amenities of lives have improved tremendously in other nations, and still improving, but in Nigeria, we celebrate the construction of a single bride, hospital or university as though heaven has come down to the earth. This is due to the fact that riggers of election are accountable to no one except a few cabals. They loot the economy with abandon because they know that the electorates cannot react effectively.
Those bent on destroying Nigeria WILL BE DESTROYED THROUGH AN ILL-WIND THAT WILL SWEEP AWAY ALL THESE IRRITANTS AND VOMITS who have polluted our national space with their politricks and deceit, If  there is any Christian still among those  bent on rigging this Presidential or Governorship election in favor of any candidate, let the person repent now. Muslim Clerics should advise their followers urgently. Those Christians who have teamed up with some Muslims to   destroying Nigeria through another round of rigging, my God will destroy very soon no matter how highly placed, anointed or influential, because Jesus Christ can not  commission anybody to rig election.