Election Violence Prevention is Everyone’s Job, Says UNICREM

The seasons of election are usually marred by pre and post-election violence that mostly involve the youths and register the most devastating effect on family units. Unfortunately, the weakest members of human family, women and children suffer most.

UNICREM is a registered NGO with a choice of mandate for campaigns against child abuse, election violence and terrorism. It supports and canvasses for girl-child education, voter education and religious tolerance.

In this election season UNICREM believes that it is the responsibility of all Nigerians to participate in one activity or another that will help keep our social setting safe and neat.

As part of activities marking our contribution to the fight against election violence, and considering the volatile nature of Kaduna State, we wish to hold a peaceful rally against election violence in Kaduna city and on Tuesday, the 24th of March, 2015. The rally will attract Kaduna youths at the various strata of the society, civil society and socio-cultural groups.

It will be addressed at Murtala square, Kaduna before procession begins and ends at Lugard Hall roundabout. The timing is 10am to 12pm.

In the same breath UNICREM also launches an opinion poll that can be visited through this link on our website: www.poll.unicrem.ng. The poll is unique in its nature and outlook. For it covers all the gubernatorial candidates of all the parties contesting in each of the 36 states of the Nigerian federation. Our hope is for it to help show the pattern of popular opinion in each state that the final election results, when announced by INEC will not jolt the general public to unbecoming actions.

We implore all eligible voters in the 2015 elections to visit our site, locate the state they are voting in and use the poll for their most favorable candidates. The total result of the poll and the candidates leading will appear instantly on a click of a button.

It is our hope that our modest contribution will help cushion the effect where popular candidates according our polls win. Where they don’t, we expect the understanding the general public that ours is only some way of sampling and possibly feeling the pulse of the society we live and work for.

“There is life after each election season; in fact elections come and go amidst other important things that are more permanent to our life. People continue to be traders, businessmen, parents, relatives and spouses after. We must not allow one segment of our life, the most seasonal of all segments of it, to ruin the entire life. “, Ibraheem Waziri, UNICREM’s Executive President said.

UNICREM, founded in 2011, seeks to protect children, promote girl child education, enhance voter education and campaign against violence and religious extremism.

Waziri, and the Executive Secretary, Lesly Ann are available for correspondence via the contact below.
Ibraheem Waziri

UNIVERSAL INITIATIVE FOR CITIZENS” RIGHTS (UNICREM) embarks on widespread campaign against Election Violence
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