ENDS AlmajiriProject.com, Century Group Host 2016 Gift-Packed Sallah Party For Almajiris


The AlmajiriProject.com hosted a gift-packed Sallah fest for Almajiris for the 2016 Eid holidays.

This year the project was in partnership with Century Group, Stalwart conglomerate (including Stalwart Communities and Stalwart business consult) and Child Care and wellness clinics Abuja.

Thanks to the generosity of these various organizations, 200 Almajiri children at centers in Lafia, Nasarawa state were treated not only to a Sallah lunch and cooked rams with drinks, but also to a host of gifts.

Donated gifts shared included a bag containing slippers, body lotion, a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Also donated were 20 blankets, 20 mattresses and carpets which transformed the refugee-camp looking uncompleted-building residence of the poor children into a more warm and cozy environment as pictures taken captured.

We thank all the companies and organizations mentioned above who made the Almajiri Sallah fest of 2016 so spectacular.

The AlmajiriProject continues to encourage all Nigerians to look-out for Almajiri children and adopt them directly or by proxy through assisting them live a better life devoid of begging and full of love.

The AlmajiriProject continues its primary mission to bring an end to the Almajirinci scourge in Nigeria’s north that poorly defines us as a people. As many as 10 million children are out of school and out of homes, abandoned in large groups to a life of deprivement. This has to end.

Join us take care of existing Almajiri abandoned children and in pushing for a decisive end to this aberrant culture.

Mohammed Sabo Keana for the ENDS AlmajiriProject.com

MSK @AlmajiriProject.com; info @ENDS.ng