ENDS’ AlmajiriProject Hosts 300 Borno Almajiri Kids To Sallah Party, Gift Shower


In keeping with what has now become a tradition of ENDS‘ AlmajiriProject.com, the Nigerian socio-politico-philanthropic organisation hosted Almajiri kids in Borno state to an Eid-ul-Fitr Sallah party, Sunday in commemoration of the end of Ramadan 2017.

The Almajiri children in three schools were treated to refreshing meals with drinks and also showered with gifts…which were actually ordinary essentials: slippers and soap. 10 packs of Happy Hour, 200 pieces of slippers, 2 cartons of Cameroon soap were distributed among the kids.

Participating in the distribution were Mustapha Bello, Ali Usman Garga among other volunteers. The “Hope With Us Foundation” was also involved.

The AlmajiriProject.com, established by ENDS in 2015 has a primary objective: the total eradication of the child abandonment and mass parent-less raising culture in Nigeria. Secondarily, the AlmajiriProject.com assists Almajiri children in all manners within its capacity.

We enjoin all Nigerians to take up the Project and become sustainers and advocates for Nigeria’s neglected children who are common victims of abuse and grave trauma. We also invite Nigerians to join us next Eid in hosting Almajiri kids to feasts in all localities.

Dr. Perry Brimah; @EveryNigerian for ENDS AlmajiriProject.com.