ENDS Commences IDP Vocational Productivity Drive


ENDS has initiated an IDP vocational training and productivity drive.

Towards this end, we have commenced assisting displaced persons and victims of Boko Haram in training in various handiwork and other creative production engagements to assist the victims of Boko Haram back on their feet.

IDPs who make the historic traditional Bama cap are being supported and ENDS has commenced assisting them manufacture and sell these caps to customers across Nigeria and overseas as part of the project.

The proceeds from the sales will go to helping the IDPs get back on their feet. The money from your purchases goes directly to the people who made the caps and a little goes towards the promotion of sustainable enterprise for the millions of displaced persons.

bama cap

We would like to invite all Nigerians and friends of Nigeria who are able to assist in this robust project to contact us and offer assistance.

We also invite you to purchase products made in Nigeria by IDPs not just for the pleasure and utility of owning these products but with the gratification that your purchases are an act of charity that will help put food on the table of Boko Haram victims and get them back on their feet.

To purchase Bama caps made by IDPs, please visit: http://madeinnigeria.ng/list/bama-hats-by-idps-for-idps 

For all other support, please contact:

Baba Aliko: +234-8012308590; +234 703-327-6105

[email protected]