ENDS Launches #NationalFoodDriveForIDPs As Starvation Witnessed During Clothes Distributions


This week, the ENDS (Every Nigerian Do Something) socio-philanthropic organisation donated clothes to the foster kids IDP camp at Malakyriri in Borno state. The donations delivered by the Zannah Muhammed and Ali Usman Garga team, has been part of a years-long national #IDPClothesDrive that has, thanks to the generosity of Nigerians, given warmth, inspiration and hope, with clothes, household items and books donated by kind Nigerians and foreigners, to tens of thousands of displaced persons.

But as this process continues, we and several other visitors to the north east have been inundated by the pressing lack of food and growing starvation. As the current economic state and borderline famine plaguing the nation makes feeding difficult for even the common man, one can simply imagine how the camped and returnee displaced persons who have not farmed for years and have no earnings or savings are coping. People are dying of hunger. Suffering is rampant. Malnutrition is the order of the day in many camps. Several of the camps are not accessed by government agencies and do not get the little help they offer when the help is not looted. You need a pass and government escorts to visit several camps outside the capital and these camps are seldom visited by NGOs.

Therefore ENDS is calling on all good hearted and able Nigerians to come forth with whatever they can offer of food and related items in our #National Food Drive For IDPs.

Please contact Baba Aliko +234-80123085907; Mohammed Keana +234-8060029996and other agents and agencies listed on ENDS for donation support.

We thank you and God bless.

Mohammed Sabo Keana and Dr. Peregrino Brimah @EveryNigerian for http://ENDS.ng

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