ENDS Is Receiving Your Donations For Qurbani Eid Sallah Rams for Almajiri Kids, IDPs


The Almajiri Project of ENDS socio-philanthropic registered non governmental organization will once again as we have done previously, be throwing a Sallah party for Almajiri children in Nigeria.

See: ENDS Hosts Sallah Party For 100 Almajiri Children: Announces #StandForAlmajiri Project, 2015

This year, we are opening it to the public who can make their donations towards purchasing the rams or cow-shares which will be killed according to Islamic stipulations and distributed to the children.

Muslims abroad: We understand that especially for Muslims overseas, it is sometimes difficult to make this sacrifice and therefore we are volunteering to do this for them as part of our commitment to them, to the less fortunate and to the Almighty.

As at today in Nasarawa, a ram costs 30,000 naira and up. You can also additionally donate towards the rice and drinks that we will be making for their party. We will God-willing be conducting this project in Nasarawa, Kano, Borno and other places as logistics permit.

We are advocating an end to Almajiri children begging in Nigeria. As project coordinator Mohammed Sabo Keana recently said on the Voice of America, we must assist these unfortunate children and work towards an end to this societal aberration.


According to the Islamic stipulations, the sacrifice can only be performed after the Eid-ul-Adha prayers from the 10th of Zul-Hijja to the 12th of Zul-Hijja (the last month of the Islamic Calendar). This means Muslims have three days to perform this ritual. We will only collect funds for this assisted sacrifice from now till Tuesday the 13th of September 2016 which corresponds to the 11th Zul-Hijja, to give us time to buy, slaughter and distribute the meat.

We called out to him: O Abraham! You have already fulfilled the vision! Thus indeed do we reward those who do right. For this was obviously a trial and We ransomed him with a momentous sacrifice: and We left (this blessing) for him among generations (to come) in later times: (Quran 37:100-109).

For donation information, please email [email protected].

We will request your name for the Muslim brother to make the sacrifice on your behalf and provide a paypal account or Nigerian bank account as suitable for your purchase.

We will publish the details of this charity event as we have done in the past.

Thank you and God bless.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian; [email protected]

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