Evil Tyrant Buhari & Mass Graves [IMAGES]


“Another witness told the organisation how he had seen diggers excavating holes at the site of the suspected mass grave: ‘There were five or six large trucks and several smaller military vehicles and they spent hours digging and unloading the trucks’ cargo into the hole they dug and then covered it again with the earth they had dug out. They were there from about 1 or 2 am until about 5 am. I don’t know what they buried. It looked like bodies, but I could not get near.’

Amnesty International identified and visited the location of a possible mass grave near Mando. Satellite images of the site taken on 2 November and 24 December 2015 show disturbed earth spanning an area of approximately 1000 square metres. Satellite pictures also show the complete destruction of buildings and mosques.” – Amnesty International Report “The report, Unearthing the truth: Unlawful killings and mass cover-up in Zaria.”


Amnesty international Satellite image of Mando mass grave where hundreds of victims were secretly buried
Discovered mass graves in Kaduna where new and old dead bodies from Zaria massacres were suspected to have been dumped
Mass graves discovered in Kaduna after massacre

The world hear that murderous #ISIS terrorists brutally slaughtered innocent children, women and men and dumped the bodies in mass graves. But have you ever heard that the US Army brutally slaughtered innocent American children, women and men and dump the dead bodies in mass graves? On 12th – 14th December, 2015, the Nigerian Army under the order of President Buhari brutally slaughtered 1000+ Nigerian children, women and men and wickedly dumped their dead bodies in mass graves at night to bury the evidences. The soldiers travelled with 100s corpses they brutally murdered in Zaria for more than 70 KM at night and brought them to Mando, outskirt of Kaduna, dug a mass grave then buried their victims.

Among those the Nigerian Army brutally murdered during #ZariaGenocide were 193 children, 293 women with 29 of them pregnant. Few months-old infants were among the victims. Infants were burnt alive during Zaria genocide by the Nigerian Army. They were singing and dancing while perpetrating these heinous crimes and wicked atrocities.

While in responsible societies the military protects and defend civilians, save then from dead and destruction, in Nigeria Buhari sent the Army to Zaria and they butchered 1000+ children, women and men then dumped the dead bodies in mass graves at night to bury the evidences. Nigerians should please ask President Buhari why did he brutally murdered 1000+ Shia civilians in Zaria and dumped their dead bodies in mass graves? Which agenda was he serving? Why brutally murdered 100s innocent civilians then to celebrate with bloodthirsty Arab savages? Why bombed and destroyed the Shia Islamic center Husseiniyya? Why killed 3 children of a man then illegally detained him and his wife for 2 years? Why all these monstrous inhumanity and monumental savagery on Nigerian Shia community? Nigerians should please continue to ask these questions until the victims and families of victims of #ZariaGenocide get justice.

On a final note, only bloodthirsty murderous terrorists and barbarians will slaughter 100s of innocence civilians in less than 72 hours. And this is what evil tyrant Buhari and his gang of mass murderers are.

Harun Elbinawi
[email protected]