What Exactly Is Wrong With Our President?, by Umar Sa’ad Hassan

Umar Saad

by Umar Sa’ad Hassan, 

The rumour mill has been agog with stories that President Buhari could be returning back to the country any time soon.This is coming shortly after photos of him with some visiting governors were greeted with wild excitement by his supporters.On the other hand, there couldn’t be a more rueful time for the patriotic Nigerian who places the nation first. That Nigerian is more concerned with the unanswered question-What exactly is President Buhari suffering from?.Over the last week, that Nigerian has had to contend with imbecilic comments about how Buhari is overcoming death and how those who have dared to ask questions will die in his place.

We already know his medical costs are expensive enough to be tagged a ‘matter of national security’ by Lai Mohammed,the minister of information. The same Lai Mohammed who demanded daily updates on the late President Yar’adua’s health from the ministry of information when he was receiving treatment abroad.The country reportedly pays as much as £4,000 daily for the presidential plane parked in London while £1,000 per day is been bandied around as the official sum and even at that rate,we have spent over N43M on just having a plane ready for him alone.

While the nature of the President’s ailment is serious enough to be kept secret,it bothers the true Nigerian with the best interests of his nation at heart whether he is coming back to stay indoors,sit out FEC meetings and take pictures with files in his office in an attempt to hoodwink us before heading back to his doctors or if he is coming back to face the rigorous job we voted him to do.

His performance while on seat has been lacklustre at best and it baffles me why anyone would overlook the extra burden we have had to contend with.The man simply isn’t fit to be in office.

I still can’t seem to get my head around how a man would plunge his people into hunger,run the country to the brink of disintegration, have them cover his medical expenses and yet return home to a thunderous ovation.

Our number one priority when and If he does get back is to have him disclose to us what he is suffering from.If he conveniently justified his incessant trips abroad in the early days of his administration with claims that he was courting foreign aid and investments,then it is important to know not only if he is going to be around, but also strong enough to do things as ‘important’ as that.

If the Federal government thinks medical costs are ‘matters of national security’, then it would be sheer madness to classify the nature of Buhari’s ailment as such.We need to know in emphatic terms, not only if he is capable of carrying out his duties but also exactly what we are spending our money on.No one expects him to resign any more like he once said he would if he fell very ill because of the luxury of having to treat himself with taxpayers money.

A medical report surfaced online before the 2015 presidential election indicating President Buhari was battling prostrate cancer and some of his photos,especially ones taken since his last return have shown vivid signs of a man undergoing chemotherapy. But all these have stayed in the realm of speculation,we need to be told unequivocally exactly what our ailing president is suffering from.

Umar Sa’ad Hassan is a lawyer based in Kano.
Twitter: @alaye26