Exclusive Pictures And Witness Testimonies From Boko Haram Attack On Maiduguri Covered Up By Government

Vehicles burned by Boko Haram in Maiduguri
  • How Boko Haram Insurgents Invaded Maiduguri
  • Witnesses discount government narrative; angered by lies on radio
  • It was not just female suicide bombers, but ambulatory insurgents that invaded the capital
  • The terrorists hit and run and were not pursued by the army according to witnesses
  • Several homes were locked with occupants within and burned down by Boko Haram
  • Several family members were abducted in the Maiduguri terror attack


Surviving witnesses of the recent Boko Haram attack on Maiduguri who spoke to NewsRescue have given their accounts of the recent invasion of Borno’s capital by the terrorists. Their terrifying and revealing accounts paint a troubling picture and question the official narrative or lack of such from the Nigerian government on an incident that personally affects their lives and their confidence and hope for the future. Here is a transcript of the interviews our representatives had with three witnesses:

Victims killed by Boko Haram in Maiduguri in recent attack
Victims killed by Boko Haram in Maiduguri in recent attack

Bulama: We just concluded maghrib prayers and we were in the mosque when suddenly I heard gun shots in rapid. I knew what it was. It’s not the first time I have had to run away from Boko Haram. First time was in Damboa. Without being told, everyone rushed out. I was afraid to even run to my house because gun shots were coming from that direction. I had no choice; my wife and kids were there. People were running from all angles. It was like end time. When I got the house, my wife and kid were not there. I was so afraid and I don’t know what to do or who to talk to. There were people everywhere. And at that time the shots were getting closer. I had to run back and join the people fleeing. Those coming from the outskirts say the boys have already crossed the ditch and I could see smoke from Alidawari village. Explosions started within Jiddari. By the time I got to the main road people were every where and there was smoke from Jiddari.

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Maiduguri house burned to ashes by Boko Haram

Usman: Before the shootings started I was at home and my wife called me out. Outside far on the ditch I saw 3 bikes standing. Knowing there are no bikes in Maiduguri and that Boko Haram is known for using bikes in the villages, I quickly rushed back to the house picked my kid and told my wife to follow me. We did not even close the house. Some of the neighbours followed and those whose time was up stayed behind. They were all killed. Some of them were locked into the house and set ablaze. Some were shot. By the time we got home in the morning. There were so many dead in Jiddari and Alidawari village not to mention the high court area and Mega station area. That morning alone there were 21 burials. And on the radio we were toldBoko Haram attack never happened in Maiduguri. They insulted us. Where were they when we ran like animals? The dead I saw with my own eyes? I am not a liar.  Baba Buhari is making me regret voting him. Kai Wallahi I would not vote for Jonathan but I wouldn’t have wasted my time on the line trying to vote for Buhari. On the radio they said they have cleared Boko Haram. They are lying.

Yazara: When this commotion started, I was running along side many other people. Inside the Jiddari Primary school, there were two very young boys running alongside the people taunting us with their guns. I know those ones were not interested in killing us. Had they wanted they would have killed everyone of us. When they were shooting they shot at the sky. In the morning when I got back a lot of people I know are dead. There’s this house close to the ditch, they are not Muslims. All of them were killed. They did not run away, they locked themselves inside their house and Boko Haram locked them from the outside and set fire to the house. There are others who were killed the same way. I have seen their corpses myself. I don’t know why Buhari and Buratai are doing this; why are they saying they have cleared Boko Haram when they are not very far. The greatest lie they say was that they have followed and killed Boko Haram. The soldiers ran away with us. Nobody followed them it’s all a lie.


While the new government has made significant strides against Boko Haram on top of what the previous one did; it appears the false reassurance and sometimes blatant untruths in government propaganda on the radio and TV is having a very negative effect on the people. Truth means a lot.

The death toll from the Boko Haram attacks at Maiduguri three days ago was way above 100. A lot of those killed were IDPs. In Alidawari village, 14 people were slaughtered and several others were shot dead. Several members of families were abducted by the terrorists.

An Army press release completely denied these facts and claimed they only ambushed Boko Haram outside Maiduguri. This which was broadcast on the radio seems to have disappointed and frankly angered the victims who do not understand or appreciate why they are lied to and about.

We find the trans-administrational denial of the true details of soldiers and/or civilians’ deaths and Boko Haram’s true threat level, to be a betrayal of nation’s trust in the security apparatus and a seriously risky impingement towards the rapid true end of the terror saga, achievable only by harnessing the trust and committed partnership of the soldiers and civilians of this great nation. Nigeria is not looking for miracles. However we are rather impatiently desperately desirous of change from the deadly antics of the past administration.

More Images From Boko Haram Attack In Maiduguri

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