Extremist Currents Destroying True Spirit of Islam


Islam is a religion practiced by close to 2 billion people worldwide and from all available statistics is the fastest growing religion in the world. Islam is also the most talked about religion in the world today and also the most misunderstood. Sadly the presence of some extremist currents among Muslims has exacerbated this gross misunderstanding of Islam, its values and standards.

With respect to all world religions, there is no religion in the world that satisfied the inner yearning of man like Islam but unfortunately some of our religious leaders were careless enough to allow extremist currents like Wahhabism that are sponsored by the New World Order (NWO) to destroy the manifestations of the true spirit of Islam.

To fully grasp the topic, please check these:

●While Islam promote unity of Muslims, that current vehemently opposed unity of Muslims.
●While Islam promote tolerance, respect and kindness to all including Animals, that current promotes intolerance, hate, bigotry and terrorism.
●While Islam promote the quest for all knowledge including scientific and technological knowledge, that current attacked schools and universities to kill innocent students.
●While Islam clearly stated that there is no compulsion in religion, that current forced people to accept its deviations or be killed!
●While Islam honored and respected women, that current oppressed and demean women.
●While Islam placed emphasis in saving human and animal lives, that current destroys lives and celebrate that as trophies of victory.
●While Islam dignified and honor humanity, that current dishonor and insult humanity.

I can go on and on. ….

Unfortunately the destruction of the true spirit of Islam by these extremist currents is seen as the true manifestation of Islam in some quarters and the Western MainStream Media (MSM) are actively promoting this distorted agenda of Islam. Whenever a bloodthirsty thug carries a butcher knife and start stabbing innocent people, the MainStream media are quick to libel such murderous criminals as “Islamist” just to associate such inhuman criminality with Islam.

From the information that we received from the early history of Islam, most people accepted Islam then despite the threats of persecution and death due to the exceptional character and qualities of Prophet Muhammad (sa). The Holy Prophet (sa) honored people first as human beings before anything. Let me give a practical example:On day the Prophet (sa) while at Mecca saw an Old woman carrying a heavy load, he quickly went and relieved her and helped her carried that load to her distinction. When they reached the destination the woman was so happy that she told the Prophet (sa) that she will give him an important advice. She told him that there is a pretender in this town called “Muhammad” who is preaching deviations and destroying kinship, you should be careful with him. The Prophet (sa) smiled and told her that I am Muhammad!

That was how this Old woman accepted Islam! When the Prophet (sa) saw this woman he did not think of her religion as an Idol Worshipper or her status as a poor woman who can not afford to pay for the carriage of her belongings. He saw her as a woman of advanced in age who needed help and he helped her. To today’s extremist current they will called her “Kafir” and behead her then celebrate such criminality as “Jihad that will attract great reward from God”!

■On whose duty to revive the true spirit of Islam:

The responsibility of reviving the lofty values and the true spirit of Islam rest with all #Muslims but the responsibility is greater on our scholars and religious References. Muslims should adhere to the true Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (sa) from credible sources only. Anybody who brings anything that contradicts this Sunnah event if such a person was a companion of the Prophet (sa) should be thrown away.

The Islamic scholars have important role to play in this regard since Muslims seeks knowledge and guidance from them. There are fraudulent and pseudo-scholars who brainwashed Muslims especially the youths and drive them towards these extremist currents. If a bloodthirsty “scholar” ask you to wear suicide vest and go to the market or school or Mosque or Church to kill innocent people then ask him to go first since that “attract Paradise”! Have you ever seen these bloodthirsty “scholars” as suicide bombers? But they are the ones brainwashing the youths to go and commit terrorist acts to kill the innocent.

On a final note, life does not end here as the world is the station of trial. As Muslims we believed that there is life after this worldly station and it is our actions, reactions and inactions that will determine our status in the next life. Congratulations to all on the birth anniversary of Imam Mahdi (AJF), the savior of humanity!

Harun Elbinawi
[email protected]