Falana Slams Buhari, Says Many Corruption Cases Won’t Be Concluded For Next 10 Years

President Buhari


Fiery attorney, Femi Falana whom most Nigerians expected would be the nation;s Attorney general, has slammed the Buhari administration of being unserious and unready in the so-called anti-corruption war.

Femi Falana made this known in an address presented at a Round-table Thursday in Lagos, with Itse Sagay, Oby Ezekwesili, Femi Aribisala and others also engaged.

Falana said that unless the Buhari government set up a special court for corruption and corrupt tainted cases, the present system is a sham that will continue to postpone corruption cases putting other frivolous and less important cases ahead of the serious cases of corruption with clear evidences.

Femi Falana

He further said that the international community will be disappointed with Nigeria for failing to prosecute the many corrupt persons in spite of clear indicting evidence.

Femi Falana said he expected the government to set up a serious court as the current courts granted bails easily, sometimes on just self-recognition and allowed continuous postponement of cases. He further stated that by the time the cases go all the way up to the Supreme court, Buhari’s tenure will be over and many cases will never be resolved with no sentences for the next ten years.