Fashola Escapes As Buhari Fulfills Threat, Flushes 184 Top Officials Over Budget Padding


Minister of Power, Tunde Fashola has survived the first phase of President Buhari’s making real on his threat to punish those involved in budget padding.

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday according to the Vanguard, made good his threat to deal ruthlessly with top civil servants who altered figures and embarrassed Nigeria with serious padding of the 2016 budget.

“No fewer than 184 top budget officials were flushed out of budget duties and sent to establishments that have little or nothing to do with budget, as a punishment for their roles in padding this year’s fiscal document, now before the National Assembly.”

The former Lagos governor and now Minister was one of those accused of seriously padding the budget by inserting boreholes at the cost of $700,000 a piece as he was interrogated by the Senate for doing while governor of Lagos.


PremiumTimes however said the officers were being redeployed and not flushed and that 22 top budget officers had been redeployed to other departments and not punished. The story is still breaking.