Fear Grips NASS As Buhari Finds Senators Appropriated N1.6 Billion To Each Other In Budget

Corrupt Sentors


A Vanguard report has it that the National Assemblymen are afraid of the consequences of Buhari’s decision to scrutinize the budget line by line.

The bigwig Senators are reported to have appropriated N1.6 billion each to themselves in “constituency projects” inserted in the budget. Another N200 million was set for ordinary members.

A faction of the Senate sympathetic with Nigeria or who were not among those who entered the stunning largesse were said to have snitched to President Buhari while he was in Saudi Arabia thereby prompting him to decide to examine the budget in detail before signing.

The Senators are now seeking peace as they are afraid of the sanctions the President will mete on them as their corruption is exposed.

Meanwhile in an update, Dogara has rejected his N3 billion “North east projects” largesse padded into the budget. Read that here.