Flashback: June 2012 When Nigerian Muslims Went All Out To Defend Churches From Boko Haram


Sheikh Gumi

As Nigeria graples with new information on the sponsorship and motives behind Boko Haram deadly crises unleashed on the nation’s northern farmers, we dug up a critical article from our past publications that was the significant turning point in Boko Haram terror. See article from June 2012: NewsRescueNigeria Muslim Group: Communiqué- Fear None Save Allah. Defend Islam, People, Churches, Nation. This was the article and it, followed by releases by Sheikh Gumi caused Boko Haram to finally stop bombing Churches and focus squarely on Muslims, attacking Mosques and killing hundreds of Muslim clerics across the nation.

It was a turning point. At that time, Boko Haram had almost succeeded in creating serious distrust, ethnic strife and a religious war in Nigeria which was their goal. But as the Muslims announced to defend Churches, and clerics on the ground like Sheikh Jingir, Albani Zaria, Imam Sheik Nasir Mohammed Nasir Kano, the Emir of Fika, Sheik Abdullahi Pakistan, Sheikh Gumi and numerous others preached and condemned the group; Boko Haram gave-up on that mission and began their persecution of Muslims declaring them their enemy for standing in their way.

Shsikh Albani Zaria: killed for linking Boko Haram with CAN
Sheikh Albani Zaria: killed for condemning, Boko Haram, linking group with CAN

Clerics like Sheikh Albani Zaria among a host of others have since been directly assassinated by the terrorists. Attempts have been made on Sheikh Gumi and Dahiru Bauchi’s lives.

It is important to note that when Nigeria’s Muslims led by Sir Doctor Amadi (JNR) JP, MPA, NMS, of Muslims Against Terror.com‘s announcement to defend Churches was boldly made in June of 2012, which invoked Boko Haram’s full wrath on Nigeria’s Muslims, many Nigerians at the time were sympathetic to Boko Haram. It is noted that the then Chairman of PDP at the time publicly made the statement that “Boko Haram were fighting for justice and another name for justice.”

The Vice president, Namadi Sambo that period was caught maintaining direct contact with the terrorists and has since been accused of being a sponsor.

It is also noted that even up till August that year, the Nigerian President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was fighting to defend and protect Boko Haram, calling them his siblings and refusing to send the army after them.


We also revisit another bold move by Nigeria’s Muslim group as mentioned above that declared Abubakar Shekau wanted. These Muslims were bold and wise enough to first declare Abubakar Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram wanted. See: NewsRescueAbubakar Shekau – Wanted Dead Or Alive; $10,000 Reward: Nigeria Muslim Group. This was publicized in August of 2012. It was only thereafter that the Nigerian government under Goodluck Jonathan and the suspect army Chief General Azubuike Ihejirika, woke up to their responsibility and in November, two months later, finally followed suit and put a public bounty on the terror leader’s head.

abubakar shekau wanted dead or alive