For Humanity We Sympathize With The Biafrans

Lt. Gen Ayatollah T. Yusuf Buratai says he is the defender of democracy

By Sameer El-Hajj

In the letter to the Minister and Defence Chief, entitled: “Pictures & Video Clips Of How Nigerian Military Massacred 22 Unarmed IPOB Members & Dumped 13 Of Them In Aba Borrow Pit: Why Security Chiefs Must Desist From Provoking More Insurgencies Capable Of Plunging Nigeria Into Syrian Style Violence”,  the coalition said they had just visited the horrorful borrow pit where they saw the corpses of the massacred IPOB members in Aba, Abia state on February 9, 2016.

SBCHROs further alleged in the letter that the security forces shot and killed 22 IPOB members and critically injured over 30, adding that the IPOB members had gathered in the school on account of suggestion made to them by the same Abia State Police Command and other security heads during their previous meetings to “restrict their processions, rallies or protests to public places other than streets and roads so as not to attract the attention and violent reactions of the Federal Government”.

This is the same Nigeria army that massacred over 1,000 members of the Islamic movement in Zaria. The killings in Zaria included new born babies, women, juveniles and old people.

For the sake of humanity, we should respect every single life of a being. We are created human and what differentiates us with Gorillas is humanity, sense of belongingness and reasoning.

The moment we stop to feel atrocities committed on human species then we are more like animals.

For the fact that the Biafrans are unarmed, there will never be any fact to justify the military’s action against them.

As a member of the Islamic movement in Nigeria and a staunch follower of his eminence Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky I was disciplined toward respecting human dignity and to condemn all sorts of atrocities.

I sympathize with the family of the defenceless Biafrans that were mercilessly killed by the Nigeria army. I also pray for the immediate end of such barbaric use of force by the uniformed army.

Sameer El-Hajj
[email protected]