Forgive Me Dear Governor

Kaduna governor Nasir El-Rufai

Forgive Me Dear Governor

Satin sheets
On feathery pillows, your heart merrily beats
King on a King size bed
Not a care, not a worry as you lay your gracious head

Forgive me dear governor
For I have sinned
Gatekeeper of hell’s door
I seek your pardon

It is for you I pray, I live and I die
For I am naught but an insignificant and a small fry
Of absolutely no consequence
Dear Sir, dear royal eminence

Forgive me dear governor
Charred bodies bow
The grounds please plough
Human beings here for you to sow

Mangled bones
Mass graves of droves
Bury us in our day’s clothes
For ours is a chapter that need be closed

Forgive me dear governor

I realize I may have offended you
From my grave, my apology is true
If I could only move between these here grave buddies
I swear, I’ll testify that for my death you deserve no worries

Forgive me dear governor

Bury my fragility
Detain my vulnerability
In cells or graves,
By bullets or ablaze

Draped with earthen sheets
Asleep with quiet beats
Mando’s residents at peace
Please don’t lose your receipts

Till we meet
Till we are raised
Rest your feet
May your Lord be praised

Forgive me dear governor

-Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian

Satellite image of Mando mass grave
Satellite image of Mando mass grave