Founder of Civilian-JTF Resistance, Col. Sagir Musa Reportedly Arrested

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Sagir Musa's head used as target practice by Boko Haram
Sagir Musa’s head used as target practice by Boko Haram

We have received unconfirmed reports that Lt. Col Sagir Musa, the dynamic publicity officer of the Nigerian army during the brief stint of the Joint Task Force war against Boko Haram in the middle of 2013 and known for the group’s hatred of him, has been arrested.

He was reportedly arrested, with other service men in Kaduna by the Nigerian army who are investigating him for “support of terror;” “aiding and conniving with Boko Haram with some Generals. He is being held in one Mech division Kaduna, according to our Intel. sources.

We have been unable to get confirmatory details of his arrest and the reasons for this and our calls to the Defense department have not been answered.

Lt. Col. Sagir Musa is known as the lead-man and founder of the Civilian-JTF whose joint actions with the Nigerian military were responsible for the greatest victories in the war against Boko Haram in Borno. He is one of Boko Haram’s worst enemies.

There appears to be a recent increase in Federal government persecution of all known enemies of Boko Haram; including recently the arrest of Sarkin Baka of Adamawa the head hunter who led the Ibn Fadlallah civilian forces that recovered Mubi and Maiha for Nigeria.

After Sagir Musa and the JTF were transferred out of Borno and the JTF replaced with a docile 7th army division by General Ihejirika, the war against Boko Haram that was almost won, was truncated and Boko Haram was allowed to regroup and forcefully conscript more youth to become what it is today.

Government Cannot Be trusted
It is suspected that the Jonathan government is doing these placatory actions to appease the terror group possibly because he hopes they will accord him the ceasefire he feels makes sense towards his re-election as he has recently experienced global anger and disgrace for the careless, meaningless and unilateral cessation of fire his government announced that allowed Boko Haram overtake Adamawa and kill hundreds more in Borno and Yobe States.

However the new terms of Boko Haram “ceasefire” appear to be causing him to commit serious atrocities to good people of the nation. A recent viral tweet asked if the Nigerian government defends the people against Boko Haram or protects Boko Haram against the angry people.

A recent crashed helicopter near Yola was reportedly carrying over $6 million dollars and arms suspected to be bribe or “deal” compensation for the terrorists. The passengers of the craft who included two white men and two men of the Nigerians army reportedly immediately burnt the craft with the evidence (millions of dollars) contained, according to eye witnesses.

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