France Begins Bombarding Mali: French Pilot Dies

Francois Hollande img:panafricannews

Jan 12, 2013

NewsRescue- French imperialist forces have begun bombarding Africa’s gold rich Mali.

French airplanes under the Francois Hollande government targeted African “Islamists’ who were said to be enclosing on the capital city of Bamako.

And African force has been gathering to intervene, but apparently old colonialist conqueror of Mali, and the the ‘father’ of African francophone nations, France could not wait.

The current crises in Mali is viewed to be a direct result of the France led NATO invasion of Libya, during which the region-stabilizing Gaddafi government was carelessly sacked and arms released onto the streets. This is addition to the mass eviction of black Africans from Mali by the NATO installed Benghazi terrorist government, who enabled the murder of US ambassador Stevens, led to destabilization of the entire region in Africa.

A French special forces pilot has so far lost his life in the assault. The circumstances of his crash are not being released.terror wave