#FreeAbusidiq: EFCC Illegal Arrest Proves @AbuSidiqu, @DoyinOkupe Both Wrong


Barely three weeks ago, blogger @AbuSidiqu had debated with former Goodluck Jonathan administration publicist, Doyin Okupe on arrests by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission led by Ibrahim Magu.

While AbuSidiqu had berated Doyin Okupe that he was near Kuje prison for his corruption; Doyin had responded that “EFCC does not arrest minions like AbuSidiqu.”

AbuSidiqu has been illegally detained for two days by the EFCC in a case it made up that it has no jurisdiction over.

Apparently both individuals were wrong as the EFCC did arrest “minion” AbuSidiqu!

Doyin Okupe{D.O.}: Without doubt u must be a lunatic. I have nothing to do wt Arms scandal. God almighty shall disgrace u, yr family and household.

MrAbuSidiq{M.S.A}: So long as you end up in kuje prison, I don’t mind your curse.

D.O: stupid goat. U wish! Prisons are for criminals like your progenitors. I am neither a thief nor a criminal. We shall see

M.S.A: Since you can now tweet, I’ll tell EFCC you are no longer sick so they can come pick and lock you up in Kuje. You eyed go clear

D.O: U I know for sure will not end well. U insult and ridicule the innocent. God’s judgement awaits u.
M.S.A: At least I have not been invited by EFCC. You are close to Kuje prison than I am.

D.O.: Efcc does not invite minions and wretched of the earth like u except if a hopeless never do well like u go into 419 & d like

M.S.A: If minions like me steals money like you did, they will invite me. Don’t worry, I will pay you a visit in Kuje prison.

D.O.: Mr Sidiq u have had yr 10mins of fame during which u took on Doyin okupe and he engaged u. Well done. Time out.

M.S.A: Na you start, na you go still tire. I ready for you this night. Shebi you sabi curse. Bring it on.

D.O.: Buzz off Buzo! Time out!!!

In a related instance, AbuSidiqu was similarly advised against talking about a making of a so-called Jonathan Tyrant. Warned that the prophesy may be in reverse, i.e. The Buhari candidate AbuSidiqu supported.

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