Fuel Hike: We Condemn Dogara’s Conspiracy Against Nigerians

The National Youth Frontiers wishes to condemn in strong term, the anti-people stand taken by the leadership of the Nigerian House of Representatives, on the obnoxious increment in the pump price of petrol by the Federal Government.

We are particularly disturbed by the conspiracy of silence undertaken by the Speaker, Honourable Yakubu Dogara, who despite his earlier promise of being on the side of Nigerians always, suddenly join the Anti-people train just for what we access as his desperation to show loyalty to his party and President Muhammadu Buhari.

May we remind Speaker Dogara that the supreme power remain in the hands of Nigerians and no amount of conspiracy can prevent him and even the President from the inevitable anger of the people. We shall consider this latest stand of the House as a declaration of war against the survival of the Nigerian people an shall therefore not hesitate to mobilize heavily in the days ahead to occupy the House, in order to restore sanity in the entire system.

Let it be noted, that our weight remains behind the demand of the Nigerian people for an immediate reversal to the old pump price of N86 per litre.

We urge government to imbibe the culture of keeping to promises and agreement, as the current attrmpt to force this inctement fown our throats, is a reflection and extension of the government’s penchant for failure to keep electoral promises.

It is disheartening that the Nigerian Government cannot consider an increase in the living standard of the people, before taking the unpopular decision to Increase fuel prices.

Before giving any support to this manner of policy, Speaker Dogara and his colleagues must first impose it on the Federal Government to simulate the system by injecting life into all sectors of the economy like roads, health sector, education and other social sevices. By so doing, the economy can come back to life and the little naira in the pockets of the Nigerian masses, can have value to face such increase in price of petrol.


Olufemi Lawson
National Coordinator