The Future Is Bright – Nasarawa State students’ Association (NASSA)

Dec. 17, 2013


The Nasarawa State students’ Association (NASSA) National body was faced with some challenges recently from some elements of oligarchy. These infinitesimal clique sat together to form a faction that was solely aimed at creating conflict or dissention within this great association. However, we must commend the efforts and act of flag-waving/patriotism shown by Nassites and stakeholders of this gigantic Association by out-rightly rejecting and refusing to subscribe to this evil act of oligarchy. Series of articles were written by Nassites and stakeholders against this microscopic few who choose to be narrow-minded and egocentric and were trying to create unnecessary rancor, acrimony and resentment amongst Nassites which is disparate from what we use to know or what NASSA stands for.

NASSA is one Association known for its peaceful coordination, always foster peace and unity amongst the Students and always against ethnocentrism. It is rather disheartening stating the obvious here that ethnocentrism/Tribalism have started eaten up the fabric of our love for each other(unity), peaceful co-existence and collective coherence for the greater good which is detrimental to the overall development of our dear Nasarawa State.


Let us use this as a point of call to all Nassites, youths and peace loving residence of Nasarawa State alike, that the development of any society is the interplay between man and his environment and in this interplay, Self discovery plays a major role in energizing, conscientizing, motivating and mobilizing the people towards a common goal. So this is our soul responsibility as the youths of Nasarawa state and the nation at large to refuse to do the bidding of any selfish individual/politicians as it is a duty upon us to develop our dear state and not to destroy it.

The wheel of any state or country lies on the shoulders of the productivity and creativity of the youthful population. We (youths) are the engine of growth and development. The development of our state lies in our hands, and it is our collective responsibility to synergize towards resuscitating the dilapidating system in the country.

We would like to crave your indulgence in this forum and beyond to take you down memory lane to your primary School days especially in the 80’s to mid 90’s, to a popular primary school poem which says: “Parents listen to your children for WE ARE THE LEADERS OF TOMMORROW…” and for those in the later years (late 90’s and beyond) we don’t know if it was still invoke. Either ways one way or the other these bold and capitalized words resound in your ears like a music because we hear it everywhere, name it: our homes, in school, amongst our contemporaries/peer groups, in the media (TV, Radio and Print media) we hear this words but the question is what are we doing now that will guarantee us an enabling environment for Good leadership tomorrow? If our leaders careless about that should we follow suit or fold our arms and watch? No!

We need each other to work towards that promising future and that’s why we don’t need all this ethnicity, disunity etc that some few amongst us tend to use to disunite us thereby destroying our future. At this point we would like to remind our fellow Nassites/Comrades/youths.

We should use this as a wakeup call for those of us that are in slumber, naive or dead in Aluta spirit, to invoke the spirit of self discovery and patriotism and not only refusing bluntly to subscribe to oligarchy but this hoity toity’s bids (so-called godfathers) who feel they have personal or government resources at their disposal to intimidate, threaten, or even coerce people to run their dirty, egocentric proposition which is always at the detriment of your (perpetrator) life and the lives of others (innocent) and are also aimed at sabotaging the effort of the same government that is putting foods on their tables and her (Government) developmental strives. Tribalism has started taken hold of some of the youths in Nasarawa State given to the comments and opinions posted in the media (Internet) on issues concerning politics in the state.

It is only a matter of time before these desperate individuals exploit this avenue and introduce religious sentiments in the minds of some of us.

Fellow youths, we want to remind some of us that we (youth) are the most important yet fragile component of any society, if you destroy us (youth) you destroy the society but if you galvanize and nurture us for development?

You shall have a promising future and great nation. So we (youth) have a responsibility we are saddled with by nature, it is no doubt a great burden but it’s worth our time and effort for the sake of our future and our children’s. We need to be steadfast, persevere in the right cause and strive against all odds for God is always behind those in the right paths.


As for those (especially youths) that are responsible for the disunity and resentment amongst us (Nassites), you should know that what goes around comes back around and history will remember you as an agents of such acts and might cost you bigger opportunities in the future. Therefore, we are calling on such people to desist from such act and free their captives (supporters) let them think straight and be open minded for the unity, peace and development of Nasarawa state.


Finally, let us use this medium to congratulate the entire students in Nasarawa state on the official call-off of the six month old ASUU strike in the country, and I wish you the best of luck as you resume classes. Also we would like to commiserate with those of us in the polytechnics/monotechnics as it is our sincere hope that ASUP will soon come to compromise with the Federal Government and call-off there’s too.

However, for those Nassites that have been calling us (NASSA EXCO) complaining of non-availability of online scratch cards at banks in Lafia and Keffi last week, we have lodged in your complains to the Executive Secretary of the board and he has made it available and also extended the sales of forms by one week for those that for one reason or the other couldn’t purchase theirs, any Nassite that haven’t gotten his/her scratch cards should please try and do so on or before Saturday 21th December, 2013, and logon to the boards website and register immediately for there wouldn’t be any further extension. The commencement of the screening exercise shall hold in the three Senatorial zones of the state by January 2014. We shall communicate to you on the date as soon as we get a confirmation from the board. Great Nassites, we urge you all to continue to be law abiding citizens and peace loving people.

Thanks and remain blessed.

Long live NASSA!!!      

Long live Nasarawa state!!!     

Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

Aluta Continua Victoria Ascerta                                                                                                                               continua Victoria Acerta


Comrade Nasir Abdullahi

National President (CTC), Nasarawa State Students’ Association (NASSA)  

National Body. 17th December, 2013