GAAICOM Calls all Igbo Hebrews Home for a 3-Day Prayer and Advises President Buhari


The General Assembly of all Igbo Christian Organizations and Ministers (GAAICOM), foremost Igbo umbrella of religious leaders with track records, have once more called upon all Igbo Hebrews home for a ‘3 Day Walk into the Presence of God’. This 3 Day Prayer Walk is as revealed to the General Coordinator Apostle Dr PCJ Macjossy way back in 2002, and confirmed by other religious leaders cutting across all denominations is finally coming to fruition as the political and occult Igbo leaders and their foreign acolytes who opposed the divinely mandated prayers since 2002, are the ones now begging for its convocation.

This Prayer Conference tagged ‘3 Day Walk in the Presence of God” which will involve the entire Igbo Nation, has since gotten the support of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide which pleaded that the programme should come up after the Igbo Day celebration of September, to enable their full participation.

The aim of the 3 Day Prayer is for all Igbos to get back to their Igbo Hebrew root and call upon the God of the Hebrews to stand on their behalf in these trying times of national transformation. The 3 Day Programme holds the key to unraveling the destiny of Ndigbo Worldwide.

In a briefing with church leaders after the state delegates conference in Enugu on Monday, accompanied by a press briefing, Apostle Dr Macjossy advised all Igbo Hebrews to begin to prepare for the ‘3- Day Walk’ scheduled for October.

GAAICOM has in its fold prominent Igbo Clerics from the Orthodox to the Pentecostals and has been influential in the shaping of Igbo political landscape, albeit behind the scene, since 2002. Archbishop Emmanuel Chukwuma,Archbishop Dr Austin Nwodika, Rev Monsignor Alphosus Oko , Rev Fr Bon Aneke, Rev Obinna Akukwe, Apostle Charles Louis Egbuchiem are among the pioneers of the group.

Press Release !!


On the hills of the current socio-political, socio-economic, socio cultural, socio-religious and socio-welfare uncertainties in Nigeria, the General Assembly of All Igbo Christian Organizations and Ministers (GAAICOM), the Prophet standing in the Gap for the Igbo Hebrew Nation has made a divine clarion call to every Igbo person anywhere in the world to turn home towards their root, their source and sustainer for permanent solutions to these uncertainties.

The call according to the General Coordinator of the organization, Apostle Dr. ChidiPCJMacjossy is an Order of Divine Unction. The source and sustainer otherwise the origin of the existence and life of the Igbo Hebrew people was established on Abrahamic covenant. This covenant has lasted three (3) millenniums working on symbiotic order.

In this third millennium, the Lord God of the Igbo Hebrews has renewed and transmuted the covenant through His Grace with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on His Altar of everlasting assurance sealed with the blood of Jesus Christ. In this covenant, is the assurance of the security of His people; in this covenant, is the Centre Point of Unity; in this covenant, shall the peace of His people be found; in this covenant, shall the quagmire and enigmatic trauma cease; in this covenant, lies your liberty and power to lead;in this covenant, is your warlord and victory at all fronts, in this covenant, is your dominion over the earth, in this covenant, is all your right to life; etc.

All and sundry, all town unions, various Igbo-socio cultural organizations are been called upon to rise and be part of the planning, to participate and to contribute towards the three (3) days walk of the Igbo Hebrews into the Presence of God scheduled for October, 2016.

The purpose:
1. To activate the renewed covenant
2. To bring the Igbos to their Centre Point of Unity
3. For total restoration of the Igbo Hebrew Nation
4. For general thanksgiving

On the state of the Nigerian Nation, God is still in perfect control. Every other lapses are caused by human imperfection and lack of fear and reverence for God. Our word for President Buhari is that it takes the fear of God, the Grace of God, sincerity, humility, prudence and well-salted words to rule a peaceful country like Nigeria. He should love all Nigerians equally avoiding provocative threats on any section of Nigeria. With well-salted words, one can turn any presumed enemy to be his friend. Nigeria is a peace loving country.

Finally, we call on the Federal Government and labour unions to reach a consensus for the interest of the nation. We also call upon security agents to observe the rules of engagements while dealing with protesting groups.

Apostle Dr PCJ MacJossy
General Coordinator (GAAICOM)

Rev Dr Obinna Akukwe
Director of Media and Communications (GAAICOM)

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