Ganduje Behind The Peddled Romour That Kwankwaso Has Left The APC

Kano governor Ganduje

While our leader Sen. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso was on a diplomatic peace shuttle to Ile-Ife where about 30 innocent souls lost their lives during an upheaval between the Hausas and their Yoruba host community in a personal effort to broker peace and assess the situation as well as encourage the state government to arrest the perpetrators of the gruesome killings of these innocent citizens; the Kano state government in collaboration with some PDP members in the state where busy peddling falsehood that Sen. Kwankwaso has decamped to the PDP.

We are in the know that the spokes person of Malam Ibrahim Shekarau was the first to peddle these lies in the Dailytrust newspaper of 14 March 2017. However, we are not surprised as we have it on good authority that the spokesman (Musa Iliyasu Kwankwaso) who was a former Commissioner during the Shekarau administration was merely acting the script of Ganduje and Shekarau as he has been recruited by Gov. Ganduje to peddle these lies as well as orchestrate other machinations that could stunt the rising profile of Sen. Kwankwaso and by so doing tarnish his political credibility.

Rabiu Kwankwaso

We also have it on good authority that the Ganduje administration has sealed off a political deal to appoint the spokes person (Musa Iliyasu Kwankwaso) as a Commissioner in his cabinet and he has also promised Ibrahim Shekarau his support to vie for the Kano Central Senatorial seat and in return Shekarau will pave the way for Ganduje to secure a gubernatorial ticket under the PDP since it has become obvious that the National Chairman of the APC in a widely circulated correspondence has refused to do the bidding of Ganduje by recognizing Umar Haruna Doguwa as the duly elected Chairman of the Kano state APC. In this regards it has become clear to Ganduje that he has lost out in taking over the party structure in Kano and evidently cannot buy his way into the National Secretariat of the APC like he manipulated and bought over the Northwest Vice Chairman of the party. As such, the governor is now preparing the ground for his exit from the APC with the full support of Malam Shekarau and one of the faction of the PDP. This was perhaps why Ganduje decided to pay Shekarau his pension benefits while refusing to pay Kwankwaso. Therefore, by fraternizing with Shekarau his calculation is that he has secured for himself an alternative platform to contest come 2019 since he has abandoned his electoral promise of continuity with the Kwankwasiyya projects and programs and has therefore lost the support of majority of Kanawa as he has slowed down the pace of development of the state through the initiation of unpopular projects and programs.

To put the record straight as far as our leader Sen. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso is concerned he has always been loyal and faithful to the APC and has never contemplated leaving the party that offered him and Nigerians in general a veritable option that has rekindled the hope and aspirations of every Nigerian. He is of the opinion that the APC under the able leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari has changed and redirected the destiny of our country for the challenges ahead what is left is merely to consolidate on the successes so far recorded and certainly the APC shall take Nigeria and Nigerians to the promise land.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Long live APC