Gathering Storm on the NASS Mega Jumbo Allowances – And Our Requests – Photo News

Hon. Sen. Otunba Melaye:

Greetings. Congratulations on getting yourself elected as the Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria – on the back of the APC!
Hhmm – we are not sure if to congratulate you and Hon. Senator Former Gov. Alh. Yerima on the ‘coup’ – opps – or on successfully outsmarting the great man APC National Leader HE Former Gov. Jagaban Borgu, Asiwaju and installed HE Sen. Pres. Former Gov. Dr. Saraki, [future GCON]!  Wow!!!
dino tinubu

Just know that these super powerful folks are very pissed-off… 


Well -why do we go the length of writing you?  
1. We have vested interest in Kogi State and have family members in Ogori and Lokoja!
2. As new power broker and former activist – anti-corruption and Bring Back Our Girls – you know the power of the Nigerian youth and have seen it up close and personal…
3. We 100% support and are alerting you about the rumbling across the land / nation on the NASS mega Jumbo – payday and allowances.  
A powerful movement is gathering steam across the Nation – is powered by the awesome patriotic Social Media activists who successfully confronted the #FuelSubsidy and #BBOG!

Sir we know your ostentatious [ ]  living large – which may be good.  However, we are sure you are aware that School Teachers in Kogi are not paid for months –
Here is how Kogi State Primary Schools look like today… [ note the first Primary School was established in the Nigeria / Kogi State in 1865 by the great man Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther – ]
nass class
You have spent over million US Dollars – [ N200,000,000 ] – that is two hundred million Naira on cars alone…
The price of one of your car USD548,800 [ N109,760,000 ] – that is one hundred and ten million Naira – excluding shipping, custom duties [that is if have paid] – registration, etc… Lamborghini —–
Mercedes-Benz G-Class – USD120,000 [ N24,000,000 ] –
Porsche 911 – USD100,000 – [ N20,000,000 ]-
Chevy Corvette; Pontiac Solstice; Chrysler/Plymouth Prowler; etc…  
 nass dino
Sir – why do you need the NASS jumbo mega allowance? — 
Even with billlion and billions expend – Nigerian troops are made to buy their own Uniforms and pay for treatments of wounds at the front!
nass 6
On behalf of the Nigerian people – we are hereby asking you… to help us assist in pass just few meaningful pieces of legislation 
so the average Nigeria will enjoy a good life just like you and your family sir.
Thank you,