General Buhari Barred AIT, My Stand On The Issue

Raymond Dokpesi

Samuel Bill

As Nigerians continue to react to Our President-Elect action, barring AIT to cover his programme!

To my own opinion I see it as a wrong step and is an action that is extremely hazardous to our democracy, this is 21st century and era of democracy not a era of military junta! There should be total media tolerance, press freedom and freedom of speech.

Buhari is a president of Nigeria and all is official assignment should be cover by any interested media house not that he will chose is prefer media to cover the events and bar those he considered as foe. Why will a president bar a media house because they broadcast a sponsor hate political campaign against him during past election campaign? If President-elect thinks the campaign against him is character assassination, defamation of character, assault and battery, offensive or lies against him why can he sue the media house or the sponsor of the campaign and ask them to tender apology and claim damages?

I will still continue to appreciate the inimitable Goodluck Jonathan. His tolerance to media, most especially social media is worth to emulate. He is the most criticised president/politician ever in Nigeria yet he didn’t hang anyone! Mr President-Elect sir, I’m more than sure if you are in President Goodluck shoe you will surely ban #SaharaReporters #Premiumtimes, #NewsRescue,, #thenationnewpaper, #thenationonline, #TVC, #Leadershipnews and many media house, online media, bloggers and many social media activists for their heavy criticism!

I doubt it from beginning that Buhari does not have capacity to withstand today’s criticism and this is modern democracy that gave room for criticism, press freedom and freedom of speech! He should prepare himself for worst criticism ever, remember those you take power from them don’t have any Job now than to criticise you for good four year, one of the major function of opposition is criticism!

In fact Mr President-elect should get set to fight million Nigerian for criticising him on social media. Mind you Mr President-Elect you can not fight media, that is war you can never win, fighting a media house you are doing them favour by promoting them and you can never jail a single Nigeria for criticising you, this is democracy!

I hope our President-Elect said in London that he is now converted democrat? My dear President I welcome you to the world of criticism! This is 21st Century! I love you Buhari with all my heart but I will criticise you and your government everyday till you leave the sit of power! That is my own gift for you! And that is my token contribution as a support to your government! Heavy criticism!

I will be glad to know you stand and opinion!