Video: Evidence Mali King Sailed To Americas Before Columbus As Native American Checks His DNA

Mansa Musa [img: AtlantaBlackstar]


We have published in-depth articles describing how Africans, precisely a team of over 25,000 sailors led by the King of Timbuktu, Mali, Mansa Musa first sailed to the Americas before white Columbus.

Ancestral DNA studies are proving this is true as native Americans have been finding Malian DNA in their results.

This video is an example as a native American, ‘High Tech Torres’ is shocked to see he has 11% Malian  and Senegalese descent.

Related Study Conclusion: We demonstrate that given the age of the African skeletons, excavated at Meso-American archaeological sites and Spanish eyewitness accounts of Black Mexicans, Indigenous Mexican- African admixture occurred prior to the European discovery of America. The date for the African skeletons indicate that there were several waves of West Africans who probably introduced African haplotypes  into the Americas. The 25,000 Malians who sailed to America in  1310  probably had a major influence on the exchange of African genes in the Americas.

Reconstructing the Population Genetic History of the CaribbeanAndrés Moreno-Estrada et al “…The pattern that emerges reveals that African haplotypes shorter than 50 cM are more likely to have originated from populations in the coastal Northwest region, such as the Mandenka (Mali) and Brong; whereas longer haplotypes show higher probabilities of coming from populations closer to the Gulf of Guinea and Equatorial West Africa, including Yoruba, Igbo, Bamoun, Fang, and Kongo (see map onFigure 6A). The significant increase in old, short Mandenka tracts when compared to longer, more recent tracts was replicated in other insular Caribbean populations, including Cubans and Dominicans. “