Get Yours! PDP Agents Now Disbursing Free Cash To Anyone Ready To Share Hate Messages


ffk pdpWe have been reliably informed that agents of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP are currently disbursing handsome sums of money to any available Nigerians and willing to spread anti-Buhari propaganda.

The over 49 billion naira (the correct figure after full donations were received, not 21 bn) which has been raised at the party fundraiser by the cabal is being hastily and desperately tossed at all unscrupulous youth willing to turn their Facebook and twitter accounts into attack dog dissemination platforms.

Several NewsRescue fans have been contacted and have accepted unbelievable sums of money from PDP agents.  They say whether they were contacted they were told that all they need to do is ensure that day keep tweeting pro PDP and anti opposition propaganda, slander and hate messages to their fans on followers.  They were told to present any bank accounts they had access to web massive sums will be lumped.

So we are happy to advise our fans to go after this free money and then of course do what’s right, because a rotten soul shall not approach the kingdom of God.