Girl Tells Vanguard: Nigerian Army Shot Her Private Part, Stabbed Her Breasts And Broke Her Legs

Amina said she was raped


Ayatollah Buratai
Ayatollah Buratai

Victims of the Zaria massacre of December last year have spoken out from Ahmadu Bello hospital, Kaduna, with some very pathetic and nauseating narrations.

A hospitalized girl pictured above said, “when she resisted rape, the Nigerian army shot her in her private parts, stabbed her breasts with rifle bayonets & broke her two legs in the brutal Zaria massacre.”

Her name is sister Amina, and she is presently receiving medical attention at the orthopedic ward of Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH), Zaria, Nigeria.

Amina told a Vanguard Newspaper reporter these Words:

“I may not be able to use my private part for normal delivery of a baby again. I may have to limp through out my life if the doctors are able to mend my broken legs. But for as long as I live, I will continue to follow my faith of #Islam and I will continue to follow our leader (Sheikh Zakzaky). No gun can discourage me.”


For Mohammed Abdulkareem, a Senior Secondary School 3 student, life as he had known it in the last fourteen years will never be the same again. He was shot multiple times as he backed off from the Shiite headquarters when the Nigerian army invaded the place to drive out members of the sect who had earlier barricaded the Zaria-Sokoto road and prevented the chief of army staff from passing through. He sustained gun shots to his leg which left him with a fractured femur. The gun shot to his back exited though his abdomen leaving a large wound that was encased in a huge plastic when Vanguard visited him on his hospital bed at the Ahmadu Bello University Hospital.

Apart from the gun shot wound he suffered, his anatomy was seriously affected to the extent that in the last thirty days, it has been impossible for him to defecate normally. Instead, one of the members of the movement who has been assigned to look after the injured members at the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital where most of the injured members were admitted, Mallam Anas Abubakar Abi on a daily basis, inserts his hand into young Abdulkareem’s anus to evacuate the faeces trapped between his anus and the rectum. Wearing gloves, Abubakar Abi demonstrated this in the presence of this reporter. He had been put though on this by the nurses.

But what Mohammed Abdulkareem is going through pales into insignificance when compared with the fate of fourteen year old girl also admitted at the female orthopedic female ward of hospital. Apart from a broken leg from a gun shot, this innocent looking girl who remained fully veiled on her sick hospital bed was violated in the most private of her body: she was allegedly shot on her private part after allegedly resisting attempted rape by one of the soldiers who invaded the residence of the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria where many members of the sect had gone to seek refuge.

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