Give Buhari Freehand To Do His Job – Dabi

Dabi Ayanlola Kanyinsola

Talking Drum Orchestra

Political godfathers” and state governors should stop pushing misfits, looters and dubious persons for public office. Service, not patronage or the notorious “spoils system,” should henceforth be the overriding motive for seeking public office and politics.The mass migration of the flotsam and jetsam of the tainted political class to his corner presents the first challenge for the new President and his party to stamp their identity as change agents.

There should be no safe haven for thieves in the in-coming government. Unlike what has prevailed in the past few years when a section of the federal cabinet and presidential entourage sometimes looked like a rogues’ gallery, Buhari should clean up our public service by scrupulously keeping tainted politicians and businessmen away from public office and his inner circle.

Many want protection from prosecution for their past misdeeds.Public morality demands that a leader with honour should keep controversial persons at bay.

Arise Nigerians , as from tomorrow, 29th of May 2015, let us completely ward off the nexus of evil, epidemic of hopelessness, metastasized poverty, systemic corruption, spiritual blindness,outright subjugation, indentured servitude,pestilence of social and criminal injustices, political skulduggery, stunted economy.Let the real change commence .

We now have an accountable leader who is altruistic but he is not a magician and there is nothing he can do without our support.Let us showcase paragon of patriotism in whatever we do from now on.Let us be one people, let us stop seeing everything from the prism of ethnicity, religion. Let us put our political profile of disarray behind us and come out as a strong nation worth emulating.Let us make whatever has stood against us as a people stand for us as a nation.

President Muhammed Buhari is a congruity for the job he applied for, let us give him free hand to execute it. If a ladder is not well placed on the ground it cannot lean on a wall, allow the People’s General to rebuild Nigeria.

Yes, we have had 16 years of galley slave-like existence but, the focus now should be on the future ahead of us,as we can’t go back to yesterday that’s gone but we can now make a right decision today that would redeem the past and guarantee a better future.

From now on, let us just be Nigerian,not Yoruba,Hausa or Ibo. We must discourage the quislings among us that we now stand united. Let us give our youths on whose shoulders the fate of a better Nigeria rests a chance by allowing them to contribute in this rebirth of Nigeria.

Hardship builds character. It shows what you’re really made of,and if you can get through it you will become a more  truly confident person because you will know first hand that you can preserve and thrive.

When everything is handed to you,you never have to reach deep into yourself and discover what you are really made of. We have learned our lessons in a very hard way but we are more stronger as a people.

The feeling of empowerment is priceless, and I think you only get it when you achieve something in the face of struggle.

I write without fear or favour and that is why I intend to be thoroughly candid and brutally frank in any  essay i write. And I am not too concerned or worried about what anyone may think or how they may feel about what I write because I am a servant of truth and the truth must be told no matter how bitter it is and no matter whose ox is gored.

As we rise to the new tasks of this nation-building,may our eminence rise as a nation. May peace reign across the nation, across the world. Amen.