Globalists Cook Plan To Take Away Anonymous Surfing Under “Cyber Bully” Troll Guise

Aug. 7, 2013

NewsRescue– The unfortunate story of Hannah Smith, a 14 year old young lady who is alleged to have killed herself after cyber bullying, is just the latest in selected internet associated events that is being promoted by the government media.

The tales are all alike, you see them on BBC, CNN etc. “How do we deal with twitter trolls,” “what should we do about cyber bullies,” “petition for government to do something about cyber bullying.” Ordinarily it looks simple, but it is not.

New York State Assembly legislators have proposed for anonymous commenting to be banned. You will have to enter your real name to comment on the internet on any forum or social media website.

Prism apparently is not enough and nor is X-Keyscore. The government, most especially after being affected by the revelations from Snowden is pushing hard and fast to disallow anonymity online.

Remember how facebook compelled users under a so-called, “real name” policy, to only sign up with their real names? See how Google+ is also doing the same? This is the level of total control the NWO want to have online. An open book. Apparently their technology is not spying enough. Turning on our computer, cellphone and even TV camera’s to see who we are and what we are doing, is not enough invasion of our privacy and God-like monitoring of our activities. They want to be omnipotent and omnipresent in our lives.

There are hundreds of all kinds of deadly crimes being committed over the world. In Syria, over 100,000 have been killed by Globalists’ games. But all these crimes are no care of the media and NWO. The rare cases of internet related suicides, which by the way, ‘suicide’ is a crime, and whoever kills themselves actually committed the crime; suicides are going to be broadcast wherever they occur most especially to what is referred to as minors as the globalists push forward on their agenda to de-glorify anonymous browsing.

New media sites–like facebook and google circles–allow compartmentalization. Localize your activity to your email and family and friends social groups. If you can’t stand the heat, simply stay out of the kitchen. There is nothing clean about the internet.