There Is God O: The Portent For The Rest Of Us! By Rotimi Fashakin

May 30, 2014

By Rotimi Fashakin

‘There is God o’ was the well-rehearsed, indecently languid and inexorably ineffectual attempt to rail-road the rest of us into the Jonathan family conundrum! How do i mean? Please, let us explore together from the very beginning:

Dr Good-luck Jonathan was brought on from his OMPADEC job to join the governorship ticket of Chief DSP Alameseigha. As Deputy Governor, his wife came under huge indictment by Ribadu’s EFCC after the former’s impeachment. The indictment was given the usual ‘slow poison’ that other indictments got in the usual PDP family affairs. Where was God then? Obviously, on His Throne as the Governor of the Universe!

Owing to his Principal’s (Alams) wrong footing in the extremely fierce OBJ/ATIKU imbroglio, he became the Governor of Bayelsa state by default. Where was God? Very much on His Throne as the Almighty God!

The Nigerian people had truncated the attempt to smuggle a despicable third term into the Statute book by a foxy and abrasive president. The alternative ‘third term’ agenda saw the pair of a hopelessly sickly bloke and an obsequiously subservient one occupying the Presidential portfolios in the Nation’s Presidency. Where was God? Still on His Throne judging rightly!

Afterwards, Dr Jonathan’s Principal became very ill; a very greedy cabal chose to profit from the chasm instead of allowing continuity of governance. Nigerian people, from ALL regions, united and forced justice to be done which saw Dr Jonathan being Acting President with full EXECUTIVE Powers! Where was God? Of course, still on His Throne sitting unshakably!

Shortly later, Dr Jonathan became substantive President by default after his Principal’s death. Where was God? Still on His Throne, unflappably governing the Universe!

Whilst Dr Jonathan’s assent to a PDP’s zoning arrangement was identified as N0 35 in the Nomenclature sheet of attendance, the humongous power of the Presidency saw him contesting under the Party’s platform in 2011. After rolling out the latest rigging Technologies ever known to the Nigerian political landscape, he won. Where was God? Still unperturbed on His Throne of Justice!

The unassailable fact of Dr. Jonathan’s governance of the Nigerian State has been the ennobling of Corruption and presidential protection for corruption in the corridors of Power. The two women in his life, who are in desperate contest for his alter ego, are the ones calling the shot in the Nation’s mainstay. Little wonder that the most horrendous corruption figures ever known to Nigerians (Living and dead) have sprang up under Jonathan Presidency! Where was God? Still on His Throne as the God of Justice and Truth!

Despite the obviously despicble governance by Dr Goodluck Jonathan, he desperately seeks to return as President after the 2015 election. With the same penchant behaviour associated with Polarising figures, the ethnic and religious divisions among the Nigerian people became sharpened and pronounced. The wife (Madam P) even boasted that her state’s governor’s refusal to do her obeisance was the cause of the disheveling high entropy in that State. Where was God? Still on His Throne as God ALMIGHTY!

Yearly increments in Budget spend on Security did not reflect on stemming insecurity. Rather, more insecurity provided the justification for increased security spend! Where was God? Still on His Throne as the God of Justice!

Insurgents made criminal intrusion into the serenity of the Federal Government College in Buni Yadi in Yobe State. Male students (except those that escaped!) were mindlessly killed. The female students were abducted. Dr Jonathan’s frenetic preparation for the Centenary celebration did not make him to remember that Buni Yadi is still part of the slab of Earth under his jurisdictional control. He did not go there and has not deemed it fit to go as we speak! This, obviously, was why at the opening ceremony of the Shindig, he did not allow the courtesy of acknowledging the disaster. Where was God? Still on His Throne as the God that abhors INJUSTICE.

Then the Chibok saga! After three weeks of pretending that it ever happened, the global attention of this infamy provoked a hawkish and iniquitous attempt by Dr. Jonathan and his wife to repudiate it. A hurriedly arranged conference at her behest saw a woman without the intellectual capacity to sustain a demeaning subterfuge. The inexorable result was clasped hands in utter frustration and the monotonous quips: There is God o. Even whilst Dr Jonathan told Nigerians in 2011 that his Presidential ambition is not worth the blood of Nigerians, his electioneering campaign was trailed by tears, blood, sorrows. From Kaduna, Gombe and Port-harcourt, the blood of Nigerians flowed freely! Who was sucking the blood of Nigerians? Perhaps we should ask the one who said: “Chai, the blood we are sharing in Bornu, there is God o.”  So who are the imaginary people or principalities  sharing the blood of Nigerians? Do you know? Indeed, the Almighty God is still God on His Throne!!!


Rotimi Fashakin