Gov Almakura: What’s The Crime of My Generation? By Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah

May 15, 2014


By Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah

Nigerian Youths are the most irresponsible lots you can ever come across on the surface of this planet earth. They are the most economically oppressed, health-wisely intimidated, raped, cheated and politically marginalised. Unfortunately, you’ll see them in the euphoria of defending their oppressors at the detriment of their marginalised colleagues. Sadly, if one tries to awaken their minds towards the daily excruciating struggle they all endure to earn a living for survival.

It is disheartened reading some youths on Social media from Nasarawa State are being economical with the “TRUTH” about Good Governance in the State. They are fond of praising Governor Umaru Tanko Almakura unnecessarily as if he has turned Nasarawa State to DUBAI with his personal resources.

However, some of you whom are well informed with the present political situation in Nigeria will not be surprise with those characters that are been sponsored in the name of youths to mislead and misinforms the good people of Nasarawa State that Almakura is working and Nasarawa is changing, while it is there on record that Almakura has not done anything better than his predecessors in terms of Employment, Youths Empowerment, Education, Infrastructures and many other sectors that space may not allowed me to mention.

As a patriotic and concerned citizen of Nasarawa State, I want to say without equivocation or fear of contradiction that with the recent unlawful detention of one of the leading youths and Students leader, Comrade Yusuf Abubakar Doma, who before his detention was a moving gubernatorial aspirant in Nasarawa State but due to the unholy alliance between the Governor and his elder brother, the young man is still roasting in KEFFI PRISON without right to fear hearing in the Court competent jurisdiction.
With current sinful political happening in Nasarawa State, the days of Governor Almakura in office are numbered based on the fact that the youth and student leaders cuts across the three zones in Nasarawa State that are ground cannot take anymore with his nonchalant attitude because from what we are seeing Almakura will leave Nasarawa State worse than the way he met it.
It is no longer news; I have been submerged with lots of threat messages, phone calls and unbearable intimidation and harassment from unscrupulous elements in Nasarawa State, all to shut me up, it is laughable that they fail to understand that I have lost my fears many years ago.

Fundamentally, we as a people are intimidated into assuming that you need to be sponsored before you can do what is right, it is one of politics of the criminal that in the authorities in Nasarawa State to intimidate and subdue Genuineness .Therefore, without being hypocritical, my interest in politics derives from a desire to run a free and fair society. In the process of blowing the whistles of the current lootings of public treasury and maladministration of APC led Government in Nasarawa Stat, I have been blackmailed, called names that were not given to me by my parent but as an intellectually minded person who has transverse across the length and breadth of Nigeria and to International community’s all for the emancipation of Nigerian Students and Youths, we will continue to voice-out until Governor Almakura get it RIGHT.

Without being immodest, I want to assert that I am fighting this course for the benefiting of the generation yet unborn not for my own selfish personal interest but right the wrongs of Governor Almakura.

Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah Is The National President, Nasarawa State Youths Network (NASTYNET)
@ik_dallah on twitter.