Government of Thieves, for Thieves, by Thieves: See List of ‘Thieves’ GEJ, Yar’Adua Fired, Rehired



– By Emmanuel Ireogbe

Maina isn’t the first person that was fired for corruption that Buhari has brought back to government. Here are a few I can remember

1. AbdulRahman Danbazzau was fired as chief of army staff for corrupt practices in purchasing of arms and gas been appointed minister of interior by buhari

2. Mohammed Barkindo was removed as NNPC MD by the late Yaradua for stealing huge kickbacks from oil and and been appointed as Nigeria’s Secretary General to opec by Buhari

3. Acp Zakari Bui, a man accused and dismissed for aiding boko haram kingpin kabiru Sokoto to escape from detention was reinstated and promoted by buhari.

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4. Abdul Rasheed Maina, a man that ran away since 2014 and has been declared wanted by efcc for embezzlement of N2bn pension funds have been reinstated as deputy director ministry of interior.

5. Ahmed Gambo Saleh, Registrar of the Supreme Court, He stole N2.2bn belonging to the Supreme court and was caught red handed and fire, today Ahmed Gambo Saleh has now been appointed the secretary of the committee monitoring corruption trials.

6. What about timipre Sylva? Over 46 houses seized by fg has been returned to him. This is a man with no known business o.

I can go on and on listing names.

Buhari recall on Maina is a sign that any Govt no matter how reckless or irresponsible can be called to order by Citizen Power. I have no doubt in my mind though that the man’s brazen recall was orchestrated at the highest levels of governance in our country. I have no confidence also in the fight against Corruption based on many instances of “see no evil; hear no evil” displayed so far by Buhari. If the highest office in the land could have been infiltrated by rats, it’s possible that shady rats in human form also thrive there.

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Maina seems to my mind to be another victim of the power-play in this same highest office with Buhari as the umpire who has lost his whistle. The entertainment from what should be a dignified office continues to amuse us as the umpire

– By Emmanuel Ireogbe

Government of thieves by thieves for thieves…