Governor Ganduje’s Appointments Are A Disappointment, By Adnan Mukhtar Adam TudunWada

Gov Ganduje

By Adnan Mukhtar Adam TudunWada

Appointments into political position should be based on merit for us to have a fruitful democracy and development, when President Muhammadu Buhari unveiled his ministerial list in September 2015 no one doubt about their competency except the Nigerian youths that fault the President of their non Inclusion, they cried of being marginalized, yes I happened to be part of those youths.

In all the appointments of President Muhammadu Buhari, I can categorically beat my chest and proved you here that they are competent and will serve the interest of Nigerians. In making this appointment the President has proved his agenda of reducing cost of governance, he merged some ministries and reduce the number his aides and that of his ministers.

The appointment of Special Adviser on media and publicity in person of Mr Femi Adesina and that of Senior special assistant in person of Malam Garba Shehu, the Chief of staff Abba Kyari, Secretary to the government of the federation among others, no one can challenge or criticize the President that he appointed people who are not competent, these are people that will help the President in restoring the past glory of our great nation.

The appointments at federal level are commendable but it is unfortunate the way some states are making baseless and unnecessary appointments that will not stick really to the agenda of reducing cost of governance, I wrote two different articles condemning the way and manner unnecessary appointments are made in my home state.

Governor Ganduje is not serious in sticking to this agenda of reducing cost of governance which apart incompetent personalities are appointed to sensitive positions all for the purpose of rewarding and compensating their immense contributions in the campaign, this is not good and will not yield positively to the good people of kano state.

In kaduna state the case is very different, commendable and impressive. I mean the way and manner Governor Nasir El-Rufai appointed his aides and commissioners, people that are competent and educated were appointed to either serve as commissioners or special assistants,The youths are also not left behind.

His first appointment of Special assistants was impressive, a 28 year old Brilliant Hafeez Bayero was appointed special assistant on job creation, Bashir Ibrahim Dabo Special Assistant on new media, Abduljalal Falal special assistant on strategy and young Mohammed Sani Dattijo was made commissioner for Budget and planning. These are people who are diligent, focused and competent to the extent that no one is condemning their appointments rather praising the governors good work on this, we need to commend El-Rufai for this solidarity he has shown on Nigerian youths, infact he is running a focused administration worthy of emulation by the government of kano state.

While sensitive people are appointed to sensitive positions in kaduna the case is different here in kano, when I came out boldly to criticize the governor on the appointment of a PA to APC women leader and other unnecessary appointments I received series of threats and i was called names by some individuals on social media, people instead of to criticize the issues I raised there resorted to attacking my personality. This gives me hope and confidence that I should continue with the good work I started.

I am today writing this article to criticize some unnecessary appointments made by the government of Dr Ganduje, for your information the PA to APC women leader has been promoted to special assistant women affairs, she is in person of an actress Rashida Adamu Mai Saa, this is an office that will preach morality, that will deal with all women affairs including the business women, activists, intellectuals etc, how will you appoint such a personality to deal with these, will the educated and discipline women take this woman and her office serious? Do you know how Hausa Film actress are contributing to the spoiling of our children especially when it comes to immoral conduct? This appointment is a disappointment to the good people of kano state

Apart from this Actress cum politician and appointed SA women Affairs, the Governor make other unnecessary appointments like SSA special services I II and III, Personal Assistant on party affairs while we have a special adviser on political matters and SSA inter party affairs.

Another ridiculous appointments are SSA judiciary, how will the governor have an SSA on that being an independent arm of government? SSA kano state senior secondary schools management board while there is a Director General of the board appointed by the Governor, SSA agric machination, SSA wheat production, SSA irrigation, SSA fishery and that of artificial insemination are ridiculous at a time you have an SSA on agriculture.

A senior special assistant to science technical board is also appointed to a board with an executive secretary as appointed by the Governor, wouldn’t he help in assisting the governor alone or unless with the SSA? One of the reasons why I am criticizing this is because of the governors claim of reducing cost of governance while the state is grappling with huge debt(If you like liabilities) that is yet to be settled.

Governor Ganduje should be call to order, such unnecessary appointments by a government he is leading are condemnable and should therefore be stopped for the interest and integrity of kano state.

Once again, Sai Baba!

Adnan TudunWada is a Public affairs Analyst Based in kano