Guilt: This Fear Of A Strong African Man, by Farouk Martins Aresa


by Farouk Martins Aresa

How will the rest of the world react if Nigeria chose leaders wisely? Elect a principled President, not obsequious to international gratification. Do not fear his views on world affairs; just respect him to demand for the same socio-economic factors that elude our young men in Diaspora. The same way Italy, British, Germany, Poland, Mexico, China, Cuba, and USA do.

Champions of world injustice must not fear young African men. If no world leader calls out, we must. Police abuse of young men is worldwide: accountability is not, for the abuse of minorities.

Vestiges of injustice, revolts and guilt in slavery are still driven for the preservation of privileges. Danger of destabilization of African families is more difficult in Africa with the man at home. A family is destabilized by cutting off the strong man from his home, even for spanking his kids as everyone. Police denied the mothers and children their own protectors of family values in the house and blame young men without confrontation, aware they are all likely to protest injustice.

Africa men like other men, prefer to be the bread winner in the family. Unemployment that has devastated African men at home in Africa and as blacks in Diaspora, suddenly visited other men in the recession with the same impact on their families. Lack of confidence, physical and mental sickness left less of them caring for families and children. It leaves more women carrying men’s heavy load. Indeed, fewer young men are getting married and avoiding long-term relationships.

Yes, Africans have enough problems at home, still must join the mass demonstrations by blacks and whites in United States, Britain and around the world protesting unindicted police, gunning down young black men that can never be tolerated if they were whites. Critics have come out claiming more attention should be on these young black men killing more of one another. They never mentioned white men kill most whites or Asian men kill most Asians as American Mafia.

What is even more disgusting is watching talking heads on cable news television trying to justify cold blooded killings of young black men by police with “scientific” and self-serving forensic evidence while using some racist witness 40 to discredit spontaneous eye witnesses or redefine what is captured by cameras. It did not work, young men and women of all races poured out condemning police double standard as they document special privilege they got as whites: here.

In the 60s Africans saw humans carrying signs that “I Am A Man”, in 2014 we see people of all backgrounds and races carrying signs: “Black Lives Matter”.  Old cliché that African Americans are not where they should be but far from where they were, is intriguing in light of these police killings without even indictments for probable cause. It is another form of skinning a cat.

There are many ways to skin a cat in different cultures, from slow socioeconomic death to outright lynching. First, black men must be deprived of credits for all accomplishments and talents by demonizing him. Such as making him the sacrificial lamb for everything wrong that must be corrected in the community. It makes it harder to vouch for any man so dehumanized. We must not lose focus, that the postal boys for most crimes are the weak, poor and black men.

Apart from Africa, most other world communities defined you by your postal or zip code where you remain for generation. Others measure their own success by how well the next generations will do; if children are going to be better off than parents. But in the ghettoes, it is a struggle to break out of this chokehold. Even when they do, some successful ones remain in the ghettoes where they are more comfortable because of rejections from the mainstream by discrimination.

We cannot overemphasize socio-economic factors in the relationships of men and women in a community for a stable family. Africans leaders must use socio-economic factors to strengthen cultural values in families by encouraging behaviors that prevent the vicious circle of crime and punishment employed against Africans outside Africa. Just as they have realized the unequal implementation of “three strikes”, “broken windows” and “zero tolerance” laws on minorities.

Africans must accept and ride with pride the unique endowment bestowed on them by nature. People see the African in you, no matter what you call yourselves: colored, white, Negro, brown or African American. While it may be uncomfortable depending on where you are, it is how you portray yourself that people admire and emulate. When “black and proud” others take to our natural traits as Afro haircut, women cornrow, endowed lips and butts apart from many talents.

Demons have no admirers even in Africa. If black skin is portrayed in ugly pictures, you cannot blame little kids that prefer white baby dolls, blame their parents that bleach their skins. Some Nigerians deny poverty under our noses and creates fake statistics for it. Some explain poverty in their midst as a result of classes that exit in every community. What we fail to realize is that Africa was one place where children of the poor do better than those of the rich, until recently.

No community, even in USA can place all responsibilities on the shoulder of women without a man to help train and support that strong woman. No woman has it all and no human can be a super mom or a super dad. Some men may feel less pressure to find jobs because they are less likely than previous generations to be providing for others. Only 28 percent of men without jobs — compared with 58 percent of women — said a child under 18 lived with them. See here.

Young Africans, even before the recession, had the highest unemployment rate. Most of the economic gains went to the very top percentage by design and manipulation in the West   and by legal looting in African and third world countries. Yet, the working class had productivity increase with lower wages, outsourcing and bursting unions where wages were high. Since their purchasing power is decreasing their standard of living becomes lower. Crimes start from family.