Gunmen kill five in Mosque in Kano, Nigeria Friday; Boko attack prison, police station in Gombe

February 24th, 2012

NewsRescue- Gunmen riding on motorcycles attacked a Mosque in Kano state, Nigeria this Friday evening and fired a volley of shots into it, killing five worshipers. The incident reportedly occurred at about 6.30 pm when the faithful were observing their evening prayers. Boko Haram, the fringe radical group operating in North Nigeria, and responsible for numerous attacks on innocent life, are primary suspect in this crazy killing. AFP reports indicate that a certain Sule Kwaram was targeted in the attack, and he is the leader in Kano, of vigilante groups that work with the government to rat out terrorists. A campaign that has been very efficient in bringing Boko terrorists to their knees, and that has resulted in the capture and extinguishment of many top Boko terrorists. Kano is Nigeria’s biggest Northern city, and Boko Haram has been seen to be increasingly plaguing Kano, a major trading center and ancient city that was once at the heart of the great caravan routes connecting Africa’s interior with the Mediterranean.

In separate attacks, suspected Boko members attacked a Prison and police station in Gombe state Friday, attempting to release prisoners captive. There was over an hour of gun shots and explosions as reported by indigenes. The result of this attack is not yet clear.

A reporter from the Chinese news agency Xinhua said more than 50 explosions were heard in the city. Gombe state police commissioner Orubebe Ghandi Ebikeme described the situation as “very bad” but did not elaborate.

PressTv reported: The bombings occurred within a span of just a few minutes. No casualties have been confirmed yet. Police officials said gunmen launched simultaneous gun and bomb attacks on a prison and a police station in downtown Gombe.

A prison official said the militants were attempting to free comrades held in the penitentiary.

“We are under siege. A large number of gunmen have encircled the prison, shooting and detonating explosives. It is clear they are Boko Haram,” a warden said from inside the prison.

Yesterday, Thursday Boko allegedly killed a 79 yr old  Christian lady choir singer, who sang in her Pastor sons Church, and left a note on her chest stating: “We will get you soon.” Likely referring to the son. This happened in Borno state. The groups appears to be getting more desperate as justice continues to find them.

The face of terror: Kabiru Sokoto rearrested {Img: SaharaR}

In the last 12 months, Boko Haram, which means “Western civilization is sacrilege”, was responsible for over 500 deaths mostly in the Northern parts of Nigeria, many via explosives. Most recently, Christmas day bombings of Churches near the capital, Abuja, claimed over 40 lives, and a retaliatory-against government arrests of their members- burst of bombings in Kano last month, which targeted Government installations, claimed up to 200 lives, in its most deadly attack so far, this time mostly innocent Muslim lives. They also are remembered for the United Nations building suicide bombing on August 26 last year.

In recent Months, the Nigerian government has been making some headway in arresting prominent Boko members, including a certain Kabiru Sokoto, who once escaped arrest, and a supposed Boko spokesmen, who goes under the handle, Abu Qaqa.

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Local community efforts in ratting out Boko members is largely credited for the increased government efficiency in locating and capturing Boko Haram members. Dauda Danlami, who resides in Borno said, “everyone is fed up of these miscreants. Allah will humiliate them.”

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Earlier in the day, Nigeria’s Military Chief said Boko Haram had ties to Al Qaeda.

“We have been able to link the activities of the Boko Haram sect to the support and training the sect received from AQIM (Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb),” Nigeria’s Air Chief Marshal Oluseyi Petinrin said.

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