Why Gusau The Spy Should Be In Jail and Never Nominated For Defense Minister

Jan, 22, 2014


Coup plotter Aliyu Mohammed Gusau staged the Babangida military coup that ousted one of our better regimes, the Buhari-Idiagbon government in 1985.

Aliyu Mohammed Gusau was a pivotal part of the Babangida dictatorial regime that embezzled billions of dollars and destroyed Nigeria’s economy and state of security.

Aliyu Mohammed Gusau occupied several power roles under the Babangida regime, NSO, NSA, etc. He is culpable for the massacres of the Babangida administration. Aliyu and Dasuki in government is as good as Babangida himself in our current administration.

Aliyu Mohammed Gusau who occupied several power roles in Babangida’s regime is culpable in the assassinations that marked the administration; Dele Giwa, Kudirat Abiola are some of the main ones.

Aliyu Mohammed Gusau is part of the regime that took spurious IMF loans, accepted SAP policies and destroyed the nation’s economy while enriching and securing wealth for the junta, including himself.

Aliyu Mohammed Gusau was the NSA in charge of securing Nigeria when MEND terror evolved. He is culpable for the evolution of MEND under his watch.

Aliyu Mohammed Gusau is suspect in the assassinations of General Tunde Idiagbon and MKO Abiola in paving a path for the return of Obasanjo.

Aliyu Mohammed Gusau was the NSA when Obasanjo ordered the massacre of Odi and Zaki Biam; he is as responsible for these atrocities as is ex-president Obasanjo.

Aliyu Mohammed Gusau was the NSA when Boko Haram came into being. Steven Davis, as reported by PMNews on September 14, 2011 pointed out that Gusau, the then NSA directly facilitated the current national security terror state by suspiciously neglecting his sworn duties.

PMNews on September 14, 2011, further reports that Aliyu Gusau protected Boko Haram in its earlier stages, then known as the Nigerian Taliban, by telling Obasanjo that “no such group existed.”

The same report alleges that Aliyu Gusau, again as NSA under Goodluck Jonathan, released Boko Haram terror sponsor suspects to some northern leaders, for them to “rehabilitate” them, in clear violation of the nation’s national security, and in dereliction of duty that is implicated in thousands of deaths.

The report alleges that Aliyu Mohammed Gusau as NSA did not prepare any reports on the state of terror initiated by Boko Haram, covering up this group; thereby failing his role as NSA to alert the government and even the people. Rather than do so, he covered up the terror organization, hence protecting them.

Aliyu Mohammed Gusau is a Spy, according to several WikiLeaks cables. There is tons of embarrassing information on the internet where NSA Gusau as a state traitor, revealed tons of sensitive national security information to foreign agents in Nigeria and abroad.

Gusau the Spy is rewarded with his much sought for visit to US European Command
Gusau the Spy is rewarded with his much sought for visit to US European Command – WikiLeaks

Aliyu Mohammed Gusau, Babangida’s right-hand man, and ‘estate keeper’—married to current NSA Sambo Dasuki’s widow, Babangida’s bank-Aliyu Dasuki’s daughter—according to NigerianPilot was suspected and investigated for links to the recent cache of deadly ammunition in a bunker in Kano, linked to Hezbollah cells.

Aliyu Mohammed Gusau as NSA never declared terrorists wanted; a primary function of state security departments to alert the masses and international security departments and enable them assist enforcement in capturing terrorists and fugitives.

When Gusau was replaced as NSA, we have an example of how serious and committed people with no tolerance to terror deal with terror. Major Gen. Sarki Mukhtar as NSA under Yar’Adua, packaged a proper amnesty for MEND and dealt firmly with Boko Haram, slaughtering 700 and even the group leader when “he tried to escape.”

Nigeria can no longer feed wicked and dangerous officials recycled from the bins of our painful past, septuagenarians and octogenarians that the administration keeps employed and reemploying. Bamanga Tukur, just compensated by being put in charge of our decaying and in need of dynamic resuscitation Railway, is an 80 year old recycled politician who should be reprimanded for violating the anti-terror act with his statement in May of 2012, claiming Boko Haram was fighting for justice and another name for Justice.

The nation also needs a new NSA, because Sambo Dasuki, who strongly supports an amnesty for Boko Haram psychopathic rapists, drug users and killers, and is the in-law of Mohammed Gusau, also a dictator Babangida accomplice, is clearly not fit for the sensitive security role.

Likewise, the die-hard to be President Aliyu Mohammed Gusau should be immediately detained and fully investigated for his role in facilitating the reign of Boko Haram terror during his regimes as NSA.

Terror is not a joke and Nigerians are not disposable.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah
http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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