Gusau, Mark, Dasuki, Arogbofa: Babangida is Back!

Mar. 11, 2014


By Lekan Abayomi

The confirmation of General Aliyu Gusau as the Minister of defense has practically completed the return of dictator Babangida to the leadership of Nigeria. Jonathan has conspicuously filled his government with Babangida’s old men, returning to Nigerians the horrors and nightmares of the Babangida regime.

jonathan4everSoldier David Mark from the regime has since been Senate president, in charge of a Senate that protects corruption and fails to remove an illegal kerosene subsidy that continues to rob the nation of $4.5 million a day and billions of dollars every year, impoverishing the masses.

Nigeria’s NSA has been Sambo Dasuki, another dictator Babangida right hand man involved in Nigeria’s history of painful coups. Under NSA Dasuki who advocated an amnesty and reward for Boko Haram killers, terror has continued unabated and insecurity is the hallmark of the Jonathan government. Boko Haram have operated with impunity and Nigeria is now the world leader in high sea piracy, and comes on top with ethnic violence, terrorism and crime.

General Mohammed Gusau made the Minister of defense comes in to complete what he started. It was under Gusau as NSA that Boko Haram came into being. It was also under Gusau as NSA that MEND terrorism got out of control in Nigeria’s Niger Delta. Basically three time serving NSA Gusau is the man to blame for the spate of insecurity and terror in Nigeria. But not only this, he was the man who along with Babangida, his right hand buddy, orchestrated the coup that got rid of Nigeria’s civilian President, Shagari. He was again one of the disgruntled soldiers under disciplinary Buhari regime who plotted and removed Buhari and Idiagbon, some of Nigeria’s better past leaders. He was again the coup plotter along with his pal, late Abacha who removed civilian President Ernest Shonekan in Nigeria’s third republic. This man has been connected to Hezbollah arms found in Kano last year. This man who is notably desperate to be president of Nigeria it is who for political purposes, President Jonathan brought back into power to head the nation’s defense.

And to crown the return of Babangida, Goodluck Jonathan just recycled another well known loyalist of dictator Babangida, Jones Arogbofa as his chief of staff.

It is no surprise that Babangida’s dead buddy, late Abacha was awarded a national honor by president Goodluck Jonathan who it can be said is a devotee of ex-dictator Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida.

The Babangida and Abacha years were marked with poverty, corruption and assassinations as these military government’s siphoned the nations currency to their Swiss accounts and engaged in serial human right violations.

Nigeria’s youth are useless to this government. The president of the nation only believes in the old goons, especially the military ones who destroyed Nigeria’s past.

By surrounding himself with Babangida, Jonathan’s government is at risk of subversion and a possible frank coup.