Zombie Apocalypse: Hackensack, New Jersey man stabbed himself and threw intestines at officers

June 1st, 2012

NewsRescue- Attack of the Zombies. This has been the most crazy-gross-weird week in recent history. First we had an episode of Rudy Eugene, the naked super strong cannibal in Miami, eating a homeless mans face off, then we found out about that Kenyan boy, Alexander Kinyua in Maryland, who killed and ate the heart and brain of his neighbor and friend if we may call him so. Funny, his brother and dad told on him.

Next or perhaps between these stories we heard of the gay porn star in Canada, now on the run, Luca Rocco Magnotta, who cut up his ‘lover’ and mailed the body parts across Canada.

Well, we are still digesting these stories and now we picked up this case we missed that happened last Sunday. According to NorthJersey.com:

A man who stabbed himself repeatedly in front of police — and then threw his skin and intestines at them — remains in critical condition Tuesday morning, police said.

Police said they got a call at 10 p.m. Sunday from someone saying Wayne Carter, 43, had a knife and was threatening to hurt himself.

When police officers arrived at the Clay Street home, they kicked in a door to his room, which had been blocked with furniture, said Lt. John Heinemann.

Carter was in the corner of the room with a knife in his hand, and he stood up, he yelled at police while stabbing himself all over his body. Officers noticed that his intestines were protruding from a wound in his abdomen, Heinemann said. Carter allegedly threw some of his skin and intestines at officers as they tried to enter the room, Heinemann said.

The officers ordered him to drop the 12-inch kitchen knife, but he didn’t. Carter is accused of swinging the knife at officers, police said. The officers sprayed two cans of pepper spray at the man without any effect.

The officers retreated and called the Bergen County SWAT Team, which helped subdue Carter so he could be taken to Hackensack University Medical Center.

He underwent emergency surgery, and remained in critical condition Tuesday. Carter had a history of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and has been taken to the hospital for psychiatric reasons in the past, Heinemann said.

Something in the North American air? Bath salts?