Half Human Half Snake, Mermaid Found in Congo, Sudan? Err… Join The Line


June 13th, 2012

NewsRescue- In an annoying continuation of internet games, which expose the potential danger of twenty-first century media communication, Congo has joined the list of African nations in which a hoax and recycled rumor of a mermaid being found, is currently being propagated.

First it was Nigeria, then Ghana, now Congo and on. A Youtube video of some mermaid like creature, supposedly existent in Indonesia was remade and re-branded, and word of mouth and media ineptitude recycled the story till the snake-man/mermaid was described as over 100 meters long, and 10 meters around. An Anaconda mermaid of some sort.

Update, June 15th: Sudan recently joined the list too, the same video was recycled and posted again on Youtube by the unscrupulous elements. In this case they claimed a Ugandan lady turned into the human-snake after stealing money.

In the Ghana edition of the rumor, the Anaconda-mermaid was described to have stopped the construction of a bridge, which kept collapsing(lol), till it was caught in Bui dam or killed.

The same pictures and video from Indonesia were injected in the media articles by unscrupulous ‘journalists’ seeking cheap publicity and the snake came to life.

Dear people of Congo and Uganda, and Rwanda and Gambia and wherever else. No one’s bride turned into a snake or whatever other story you heard or read.

No, no mermaid like creature was found in a river or sitting on a bus. We are not saying one can not be found, after all, Animal Planet TV show featured a show in which they purportedly showed real mermaids. Hmm, who knows, perhaps they were behind these rumors spreading round Africa to increase publicity and awareness of their movie.

They have been accused of creating a fictitious US government website, ‘believeinmermaids.com’ and pretending the website was hacked, to evoke real belief in the truth of their documentary.

Anyway, just know that you are not alone, we were all fooled with the same story, originally out of Indonesia. And if you want to know more about that mermaid you heard was found in your backyard, google ‘Indonesia mermaid’ or ‘Jenglot’, and get the story from source for heavens sake.

The only human headed snake right now in Congo is the mutiny. The two dangerous warlords tearing up the country, and baring the dangerous fangs of cataclysmal death, destruction and retrogression at the Congo.

Here’s from our February 25th report on the cases in Ghana and Nigeria:

Jenglot {hubpages}

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February 25th, 2012

NewsRescue- A video was posted in January on Youtube of a very strange snakelike creature with human-like features, hair and upper body and snake tail, supposedly found in Bui Dam in Brong Ahafo region of Ghana.

Well it turns out that that video was a fabrication. The same video of the same supposed creature was first posted online as a find in Indonesia way back in January 2011. The video above is the original video from January 7th, 2011 and posted out of Indonesia.

The dubious people who posted the 1 year old recycled video, adjoined this commentary on youtube:

This creature is reported to have been captured at Bui by engineers working on the dam. They say a number of efforts to construct the bridge failed because it’d collapse the day after; hence, they increased vigilance leading to the capture. Hmmm. [Youtube]

Ghanaweb, a popular online editorial described that this ‘really happened’, even going to extent of writing that the ‘same monster was said to have appeared in Togo and Nigeria, causing alarm among residents.’ They even went as far as describing this recycled- from Indonesia- find as 100 meters long! Gosh! The length of a football field. The story has spread so much that Bui Dam officials had to officially deny the ‘Maame water’, ‘mermaid’ find tales.

Half Human, Half Snake Girl Found In Hotel Room In Warri?

We investigated further and found that the same images from Indonesia had been propagated earlier, around 17th February in the Nigerian online media, primarily stemming from Naijapals.com a popular forum. The fabricated story which takes its roots from Naijapals claimed a hotel lady had mysteriously transformed into this half snake creature. Naijapals handle, ‘Phat_Angel_Roa‘ who posted this fabricated story of the recycled creature on Naijapals, also posted the ridiculous claims below:

Apparently, a girl has changed into a big snake at the Hotel Excel in Warri today. Half part Human and the other half a snake. And apparently the hotel is crowded at the moment with people who want to get a closer look at the creature. It is also said that officer of the Nigerian Military, SSS and the Police force are presently at the hotel right now to search for the unusual creature.

Many other ‘credible’ Nigerian news and information platforms carried the fantastic tale, which has now been revised, revitalized and found its way to Ghana.




  1. swaga man 27 June, 2012 at 21:04 Reply

    its true there is a half human and half snake in congo caught by a witchdoctor so to u liers u got saved they dont want us to know the true they are keeping in somewere and i will know u will all see the true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and obama is there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Selestin kaela kaluwe 28 June, 2012 at 08:46 Reply

    is true that names of famous people where discovered on it? and what about the rumours that it has disappeared  

  3. Selestin Kaela k 28 June, 2012 at 09:00 Reply

    ladies avoid such hair and remain natural, cause its not aonly plaiting hair that can make you look beautifull no, no wonder different kind of diseases are occuring.

    • pu lease 8 January, 2013 at 14:48 Reply

      foolishness. what last days, its been over 2000 since jesus and people in the bible have been claiming last days. dont u religious people have any kind of shame? Oh are u at liberty to make one ridiculous claim after another. I have news for u. NO one, including your pastor, Jesus, Mohammed, bhuddha, has the answer to the mysteries of life. the closest thing we have is science and that has not even scratched the surface of who we are where we came from and where we go from here. Ia m sick of all the nonsense, Reading 3000 year old stories and trying to apply them to our modern world whenever its convenient for u is simply too pediatric for this day and age. Jesus said it would be easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven and then instructed the rich guy to go sell all his shit and come holla at him afterwards, Why dont u christians sell all your shit, per jesus’s instructions, . Stop being hypocrites. I am tired of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

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